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– Titled “Wii no Ma Channel” in Japan
– Not a WiiWare title – it’s an actual channel like the Weather/Fortunate Telling Channels
– Can be downloaded for free this Spring in Japan
– Nintendo developing/managing the service, Dentsu is negotiating with other companies to bring original content
– Heavy focus on family
– Wide range of content to be made available
– A Nintendo notice states that it is a free service, but are also investigating optional paid services which will begin in the Summer
– Nintendo looking to bring the service overseas, no timetable for this yet
– 80% of Wii owners have connected their TV in their living room, 40% have the Wii connected to the internet

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“We’ve noticed a bit of confusion on the forums regarding add-on content for Rock Band 2 on the Wii. The downloadable content is in the final testing stages and Harmonix is working as fast as possible to deliver the 20 free bonus songs for Rock Band 2, plus an additional 30 songs from the Rock Band DLC Catalog to fans as early in 2009 as possible. As soon as we can announce a firm date, you can be sure the Rock Band community will be the first to know. We hope this clears up any confusion about Wii DLC. Again, Rock Band 2 for the Wii is an amazing full band experience that ships with 84 of the best tracks in rock and roll. Stay tuned here for more information as it becomes available.” – Harmonix developer


“When we first saw Chop Till You Drop in action, there were a few zombies shuffling about onscreen, and we assumed that was the most we were going to get. Capcom’s been working to address the zombie-less zombie game issue, and the undead count has increased considerably since then. Currently the number doesn’t look quite like the hundred Capcom was aiming for, but it’s still a lot – enough to make running through the mall to rescue people feel hazardous, at least. – Nintendo Power

Honestly, I’m not surprised that the developers were unable to add in 100 zombies at once. It’s actually not a big deal for me personally – if the game plays decently, I won’t mind. Besides, if Nintendo Power claims that there are “still a lot” of zombies, that’s enough for me.


SECRET OF MANA – Super Nintendo
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – SEGA MASTER SYSTEM


1. The simultaneous announcement of Dragon Quest X for Wii and Dragon Quest IX’s release date — 12/10/2008
2. The release of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and the social phenomenon it caused — 3/27/2008
3. Square Enix’s announcement of three Xbox 360 RPGs (Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope) — 6/10/2008
4. Sony’s discontinuation of the 60 and 20GB model PlayStation 3s (removal of backwards compatibility) — 1/20/2008
5. The announcement of Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360 — 2/22/2008
6. Legal action by 54 game publishers against the importation and sale of Nintendo DS “backup” devices — 7/29/2008
7. The release of Metal Gear Solid 4 — 6/12/2008
8. The sub-?20000 price drop for Xbox 360 — 9/1/2008
9. The announcement of Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 in America and Europe — 7/15/2008
10. The several hour wait at Tokyo Game Show to play Monster Hunter 3 tri~ — 10/11/2008


Tatsunoko Side:

– Condor no Joe
– Yattaman #2
– Shurato
– Soul Taker
– Nakahara Komugi
– Daikyojin
– Beruku Katsue
– Tekkaman Evil
– Braiking Boss

Capcom Side:

– Leon
– Nash (Charlie)
– Date Masamune
– Arthur
– Ibuki
– Vega (M. Bison)
– ReiRei
– Zero Gouki
– Tiara Hime
– Nero
– June
– Rouge
– Tyrant
– Hinata

These characters were all considered to be included in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom at one point, but were cut due to copyright issues, translating characters into the game, preferences, and to keep balance. On a different note, the producer of the game has mentioned that he would be interested to work on a sequel. However, he also wants the first game to sell more than it has.

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Famicom (500 Wii Points)

Detective Saburo Jinguuji: The Dangerous Duo Part One*
Getsufuu Maden
Zoids: Mokushiroku

Nintendo 64 (1,200 Wii Points)

Super Smash Brothers

Master System (500 Wii Points)

Fantasy Zone II: Opa Opa no Namida

Mega Drive (600 Wii Points)

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

PC Engine

Rastan Saga 2 *
Kaze no Densetsu Xanadu (800)
Spelunker mark 2 (800)
Champion Wrestler

Even though this is Japan’s VC lineup, expect Smash Bros. to arrive in North America next year as well.

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