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It’s unclear at this time if this game will be released for a Nintendo system – or even for any console – but this footage looks pretty legitimate if you ask me.


“Since I became the head of development for Capcom, there’s really three main pillars to my approach to development. The first one is original titles. Every certain number of years we will make a certain number of original titles. Then, sequels for fans of our current series. The third one is using older IP. Really, it’s a matter of granting what the fans are looking for. We started making those games and people have continued to look for them, and really there is interest out there. As you say, it’s really about respecting the IP and then doing a remake that follows as an extension. Mega Man 9 is one of the games I would add to your list. We’d certainly like to continue doing more of those. The basic idea is that if there’s demand out there—if there’s interest out there—we will respect the IP and go forward.” – Keiji Inafune


Parents of a five-year old boy claim that a Nintendo video game caused their son to experience “severe pain” in addition to a panic attack.

Michael was playing a video game, presumably on the Wii. After thirty minutes, however, the boy began experiencing a panic attack. His mother says that he “began to complain and cry, saying he was experiencing pain in his hand and that he wasn’t feeling well.” She additionally stated that Michael began to scream and was experiencing motion sickness.

This episode was enough for Michael’s mother – She’s returning the boy’s “Nintendo” to the store. “I can’t recommend this game to any parent. It’s not a substitute for reading a book or doing an outdoor activity with your child.”

This really does appear to be an unfortunate case of one boy who was affected by video games. Still, keep in mind that this does not happen very often and Nintendo attempts to make heath/safety warnings available and obvious to the player.



– Related to a new game
– Announcement on January 21



– Announcement on January 23
– Takao Miyoshi listed as the producer
– Previously worked on Phantasy Star Universe


It was reported last month that 17-year-old Daniel Petric shot his mother (who wound up dying) and injured his father. Today, Petric has been found guilty and may face the punishment of living the rest of his life in prison without parole.

Petric had broken into his father’s lock box which held the boy’s purchased copy of Halo 3 and a 9mm handgun. Petric then shot his mother and father in the head. The game had been taken away by his parents after they warned him not to buy it.

The boy’s lawyer had attempted to make the case that Petric’s video game addiction led to the act. However, Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge stated that video game addiction was not a defense. Moreover, the judge believes the the murder was evidence points in the direction that the act was premeditated.

Source, Source 2


Nintendo Power usually has a few tricks up their sleeves for most of their issues. The March 2009 volume of the magazine will follow in the same tradition – the magazine is claiming an “exciting discovery” will be present in their next issue. Nintendo Power states, “We’ve made an exciting discovery for next month’s cover story. Can you guess what it is? We’ll also have an exclusive look at The Conduit’s multiplayer modes and reveal the winners of the 2008 NP Awards.” The picture included with the tease is just a map (see above), which might cause any guessing to be difficult. Anyone want to take a gander?

“We appreciate the vote of confidence and as Inafune-san has indicated recently in his 1Up interview, we are thinking about it but there is no project of this sort in development at this time.” – Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

“I can’t comment on any potential roadblocks, but I think Strider has enough juice to merit a next-gen sequel. Here’s a question for you guys though: Could a Strider in 3D recapture that same magic? Would it have to invent new magic? I’d love to see the giant mechanical Ape, or the politburo that turns into a giant robotic centipede w/sickle in 3d, but a lot of the best mechanics of the fights were very 2d-centric. I can already think of cool ways you could recreate that in 3d, but what do you think as Strider fans?” – Seth Killian, Capcom Sr. Manager, Community

I think Strider could work in 3D regardless of the platform that the title ended up being released on. Then again, it could look great as a 2D game as well!

CyberConnect2, a development team known for working predominately on .hack and Naruto games, will reveal a new game in the coming days. A countdown on the company’s official website indicates that the game will be announced in six days. Although there’s no confirmation of the platform the game will be released on, some speculate that the game will end up being the DS title which was hyped up a long time ago but never unveiled. CyberConnect2 has mainly worked on Sony platforms in the past, but any system for eventual release is still up in the air.

Update 2 A possible theory has been constructed about what the three main modes could be.

Game — Play through the game normally. Hint system is available but not forced. So hardcore gamers could just play the game regularly and enjoy the challenge while more casual gamers can get hints if they get really stuck

Digest — The game goes through important scenes (both movie and gameplay) in order. Essentially the game plays itself in this mode if you will. But you have the option of stopping the digest at any time and playing from that exact point. Plus when you choose to take control you are given the appropriate equipment and stats for that part of the game. No saving though, but it seems to be unneeded

Scenes — essentially playthrough any puzzle or scene again. Like digest you are given the appropriate equipment and such.

If it works this way, both casual and hardcore gamers will see benefits. The game won’t exactly be bogged down by easiness, but casual gamers find it easier to complete it.

Update: Head past the break for a ton of descriptions that may fill in some of the blanks of the patent images.

A patent was discovered today that was apparently filed away with Shigeru Miyamoto as the inventor. There has been no confirmation that this patent is anything new, and if not, there’s no clear indication about how old it is (nor is it confirmed that this will appear in any game at all). A few people have been doing a bit of investigating though. Interestingly, the details may be related to Zelda and might show that the series will take a more casual approach.

In one image, a picture of what we assume the television screen is. In the image, a hint button can be seen. So was Nintendo considering a hint system for a Zelda title? Or, are they willing to incorporate hints into the next Zelda?

There are a few other tidbits as well. In another one of the patent images, based on the information provided, it looks as though Nintendo had ideas about skipping ahead through the game granted the adventure became too difficult. This, coupled with the detail about, could possibly show how/if Nintendo plans to make the Zelda series more casual – Remember, Miyamoto stated that he the Zelda series needs to be accessible for casual gamers. However, keep in mind that, again, this could all amount to nothing. This news may be something new, or it might not.

Lastly, read the patent information below which originally led to this entire story:

Computer-readable storage medium having game program stored therein, and game apparatus

User saved-data storage means S19 stores user saved-data which is generated as a result of a game play performed by a user. Digest saved-data storage means S48 stores a plurality of pieces of digest saved-data which are previously generated so as to be associated with predetermined scenes, respectively, in a game. Game start means S14 starts the game process without using the user saved-data and the plurality of pieces of digest saved-data. Game resuming means S12, S13 starts the game process by using the user saved-data. Digest game start means S4 starts the game process by using any of the plurality of pieces of digest saved-data. Saving means S19 generates the user saved-data, only in the game process started by the game start means or the game resuming means.

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