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[Nintendo Everything Podcast] – episode #24 – God Eater, Stage Builder

Posted on April 14, 2019 by (@Oni_Dino) in Podcast

Hello, my beautiful warp stars and pop stars! This week on NEP, we kick things off with info on our limited edition Switch console giveaway! We then talk about Octopath Traveler losing its Switch exclusivity and how this does not ruin your experience. We discuss the new mode Nintendo leaked themselves for Smash Ultimate and what else they may have in store. We talk God Eater 3, and Galen requests that we both imitate overly dramatic anime… Finally, Oni and Galen reveal their personal habits as we have a lengthy discussion on what gaming related media to display in your space.

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  • 06:11 – Adventure Log
  • 11:13 – Octopath Traveler loses Switch exclusivity, and a discussion of how this does not ruin your experience or the Switch version.
  • 21:48 – Tetris 99 hosting another Maximus Cup with a few rule changes. Win free money!
  • 24:35 – Nintendo accidentally leaks a new mode for Smash Ultimate! What could be new about it, and a discussion about what may be coming in the future. Any modes from the past? And… Smash direct potential?
  • 28:46 – God Eater 3 announced for Switch with some unique features and bonuses. Crazy over-the-top anime nonsense that Oni loves. Galen suddenly has both of them do an impression of overly dramatic anime shouts.
  • 36:42 – More Labo VR features coming to Mario Odyssey! Oni knows EXACTLY what people are gonna use this for…
  • 41:22 – Additional DLC
  • 44:30 – Listener Mail: discussion on what to display in your space regarding gaming, and Oni’s and Galen’s personal habits.

Additional DLC:

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