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Famitsu’s hardware numbers have come in a little bit later than usual this week. But here are the sales from October 19th to October 25th.

DSi – 44,000
PSP – 40,000
PS3 – 31,000
Wii – 25,000
DS Lite – 3,700
Xbox 360 – 2,800
PS2 – 2,600

For comparison’s sake, here’s how Media Create ranked the systems a few days ago:

DSi 42,199
PSP 32,865
PS3 29,977
Wii 25,917
DS Lite 6,550
Xbox 360 4,470
PS2 1,951


New Okamiden footage

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This footage is from a presentation at TGS, but I believe these are new nonetheless. Also, the last video pretty much confirms that there will be “gibberish voices” in the game in addition to the return of the Descent of the Great Goddess song (we heard it in one of the trailers, but I wasn’t sure if that was “filler” music put in just for the video.) That makes me pretty happy!

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Thanks to Chess_T for sending these our way!

ESRB updates

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AiRace: Tunnel (DSi) – E
Dragon Master (DS) – E
Ragnarok DS (DS) – E10+
Windy X Windam (DS) – T
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Wii) – E
Arcade Shooting Gallery (Wii) – E10+
Castle of Magic (DSi) – E
Bejeweled Twist (DSI) – E
Bookworm (DSi) – E
Hospital Havoc (DSi) – E10+
Disney The Princess and the Frog (Wii/DS) – E
Dragon’s Lair (DSi) – E10+
Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll (Wii) – E
Rec Room Games (Wii) – E


As gamers on Halloween, many of us don’t have plans and shan’t do anything this evening other than do what we do every night: Play games. I’m joking of course, but what about those of us that really don’t have plans tonight? Or maybe we plan on playing games with some of our friends? Do we game the same way we always do, or should we play certain games to enhance the “halloween” feel? I’m not sure what all of you are doing to get yourself in the mood, but I know what 2 games I’ll be playing.


Course: Dry Dry Ruins
Objective: Obtain the best time
Tournament date: 11/1 – 11/10

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently admitted that the “Wii has stalled” and that this is due to a lack of “strong software.” However, Iwata also delivered a keynote at a semi-annual financial results briefing in Japan and made a similar claim, but this time it was about the gaming industry in general. In his keynote, Iwata stated that there were no big hits in the first half of 2009, which caused “worldwide market contraction.”

“So far I have been talking about the market based on the number of units. Now I would like to look at the market in terms of monetary sales volume…We attribute the main reason of worldwide market contraction to the lack of hit titles across the industry in the first half of the year.”

Thanks to Ross M for the news tip!

This information comes from Denise Kaigler, NOA’s vice president of corporate affairs…

“When Wii launched back in 2006, the household saturation of HDTVs was much lower than it is now. Nintendo didn’t include HD capability back then because that would have been a cost that everyone had to pay, whether or not they had an HDTV. There’s something not very fair about that. As Mr. Iwata has said a number of times, we have no current plans to launch an HD version of Wii, but HD is one of the things we’re keeping in mind for the future.

I think questions and concerns like these might be unique to the medium of video games. No one rates books by the design on their covers. And no one would suggest the most engrossing movie is the one with the most special effects. Certainly these elements can draw your eye, but in the end we judge a book or a movie on the way it makes us feel, whether we’re laughing, shedding a tear or shouting with excitement when the bad guy gets what’s coming to him.

No matter what new technologies are developed or how video games look, in the end gamers will decide if it’s a good title based on the experience. Ultimately, pretty pictures don’t matter. It’s all about the game play. Just think of the pixels of the original Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros. Those games hold up years later, and no one would say they’re on the cutting edge of graphics. Even modern games like Super Mario Galaxy and Punch-Out!! play so well that you’re not thinking about TV specs or cables – you’re just having fun playing a game. And that’s the way it should be. That’s one of the reasons Wii Sports and Wii Fit are among the most influential games of this console generation: They deliver fun experiences that go well beyond the way the games look. For the most part when gamers look back and recall their game play-experiences, they remember the new interfaces and the fun they had playing with other people, not the graphics or the type of TV they played on. It’s always about play, not pixels and polygons.”


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