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Shigeru Miyamoto has explained in the latest issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine that those who plays titles such as Brain Age will eventually move on to more hardcore titles. Miyamoto uses his wife as an example, noting that she was initially interested in Brain Age, but has now moved on to Dr. Mario.

“I think it’s a natural transition. Everyone starts off as a light user but at some point many of them become hardcore gamers. My wife bought Brain Training about three years ago. In More Brain Training, you know how there is the Dr. Mario game? She became absolutely hooked and today she is much better than I am!”

Miyamoto also commented on the ongoing discussions between the distinctions of hardcore and casual gamers/games.

“When I hear that kind of discussion, I wonder if there really is such a distinction. There are many hardcore gamers playing with casual games and I believe casual gamers do get into hardcore Nintendo games too. I think one of Nintendo’s missions is to destroy the barrier between the two and I believe Wii Music contributes that.”

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LONDON (20th November, 2008) – SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced the red hot Collector’s Edition for The House of the Dead: OVERKILL™ for release in PAL territories. This premium edition of The House of the Dead: OVERKILL arrives encased in an exclusive collector’s slipcase and is accompanied by an exclusive graphic novel. It will only be available through selected retailers as a pre-order bonus.

“Prelude to an OVERKILL” tells the fateful stories of Agent Washington and Varla Gunns, on the night before the violent and shocking events of the game. Illustrated by Steve Copter, of dissident punk band ‘Black Mekon’ (, this specially-commissioned comic is only available in The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Collector’s Edition.

“Kidz Sport Crazy Mini Golf” Nintendo Wii

Stourbridge, England, 20th November 2008. Crazy Mini Golf is more than just seaside fun and games on a rainy day, it’s actually an international sport, which we British excel at! Chris Harding – the current British Champion and 2007 World title holder – regularly tours the world with his putter in hand, taking on all contenders. This week, he took time out of his busy schedule to visit the Data Design Interactive development studio where he put his skills to the test in a game of “Kidz Sports – Crazy Mini Golf”. “Kidz Sports – Crazy Mini Golf” is available on Nintendo Wii.

QUOTE from Chris Harding

I knew from the start that quite a lot was at stake, this was going to be a serious game. The lads had beer and pizza on the table, and were egging each other on. It’s about reputations and I wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and I have to say this is a brilliant game – I had a fantastic time, I haven’t laughed so much in ages. True, this doesn’t capture the feel of a real game where you have to put up with wind, rain and sometimes snow, but there is (as in golf) serious science in this game; positioning, speed and angle are all there, plus the most important part – the fun…

Dragon Quest IX screenshots

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EDISON, N.J., November 19, 2008 – Food lover and culinary cutie Cooking Mama is a virtual chef who believes that good home cooked food, properly prepared from the best ingredients, can bring people together around the table and make the world a happier place. That’s why Mama is taking a stand with oven mitts raised high against the latest PETA objection targeting her freshly released videogame, Cooking Mama World Kitchen, that shipped this week for Wii™ from Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL). Mama wants people to know that World Kitchen includes 51 recipes from around the world, ranging from vegetarian fare like miso soup and rice cakes to international delicacies like ginger pork and octopus dumplings.

“I would never put rat in my Ratatouille,” said a feisty Mama while beating some eggs. “Like any accomplished cook, I create my recipes to appeal to a broad range of tastes and preferences. My only goal is to ensure you leave the table well fed.”

Key the Ignition, Rev Up, and Launch into the Most Exciting Racer on Nintendo DSTM

IRVINE, Calif. – November 19, 2008
Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced that it has secured the North American publishing rights for TrackMania®DS, the most heart-pounding stunt-filled racing game ever to burn rubber on Nintendo DS™. Master over 100 high-flying courses, use the powerful track design system to make your own stages, and then challenge friends to race your twisting, winding creations. Feel your pulse quicken as you thrust into a loop. Brace yourself as you fly off a ramp to the heavens. The thrills never cease, the possibilities are endless. Dream it, design it… Drive it!

TrackMania DS is scheduled for release on March 17, 2009, with an MSRP of $29.99.

For more information about TrackMania DS, visit the official website.

01. [NDS] Hoshi no Kirby: Ultra Super Deluxe (Nintendo) 97,000 / 363,000
02. [PS3] Samuraidou 3 (Spike) 81,000 / NEW
03. [NDS] Tongari Boushi to Mahou no 365 Nichi (Konami) 72,000 / NEW
04. [NDS] Fushigi no Dungeon Fuurai no Shiren DS 2: Sabaku no Majou (SEGA) 45,000 / NEW

05. [PS3] Resistance 2 (SCE) 33,000 / NEW
06. [NDS] DS Nishimura Kyoutarou Suspense 2 Shintantei Series:… (Tecmo) 33,000 / NEW
07. [NDS] Ryuusei no Rockman 3: Black Ace (Capcom) 33,000 / NEW
08. [NDS] Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo) 30,000 / 1,159,000
09. [NDS] Wagamama Fashion Girls Mode (Nintendo) 30,000 / 183,000
10. [NDS] Pokémon Platinum (Pokémon) 27,000 / 1,917,000


“Just a comment (and I’ve seen this done all over the place), you’re comparing WW sales [280,000 units] numbers on Wii with US sales numbers on PS2. NPD’s PS2 number (as cited on IGN some time ago… not me giving it out for the name of butt covering) was about 275K for just US. Again, is US only, North America would be higher than that and WW much higher still. That said, we continue to do slow, steady business on Okami Wii such that maybe someday it will get to the levels of the PS2’s sales, at least in the US. The day one number for each in the US was close to the same, we know Okami tends to have a nice long tail associated with it through distribution and a specific retailer or two. Secondarily, success for the project was never predicated on reaching the sales of the PS2, so from a profitability standpoint, I’m relatively pleased with where it’s at and where it’s going. We have more Okami hitting shelves of a couple retailers this month in the US so finding it should be reasonably easy. I think a lot of Okami’s long tail effect is due to word of mouth from fans like all of you. So if you think it’s something your friends should be playing, please do recommend it.” – Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

So the number that Okami on Wii sold around 280,000 units is correct (worldwide figure), but some people have been incorrectly comparing that number to the copies sold in the United States for PS2 (275,000). As a personal note, I can’t help but recommend Okami, regardless of whether you were to purchase it for the Wii or PS2. It’s a downright beautiful game!

Skate It launch trailer

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