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LEGO Battles trailer

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Punch-Out!! main theme

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Thanks to _Contra_ for the news tip!

Besides confirming earlier today to CriousGamer that Capcom’s secret E3 game is not Devil May Cry 5 and it is something that fans have been waiting for, Capcom has provided a bit of further insight as to what exactly this mystery title is (via the company’s official twitter).

“Hot rumor bust of the day: Capcom E3 Mystery Title #2 is not — repeat, NOT — Devil May Cry 5. Now, what do you think it is? Ooo, yer asking for a big hint. So: established Capcom IP…It is NOT a remake.”

So, it’s based on a well-known Capcom IP and it isn’t a remake…Guesses anyone?!

Experience the Intensity of Musical Icons Metallica and Over 20 Additional Rockin’ Bands in the Newest Entry to the Guitar Hero® Franchise
Thursday 21st May/… Guitar Hero® Metallica®, the latest entry in Activision Publishing, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: ATVI) Guitar Hero® franchise, will be available at retail outlets across Europe and Australia on May 22, 2009 and in the UK on May 29, 2009. At launch, a European-exclusive Guitar Hero Metallica Solo Guitar Game bundle, which includes an exclusive guitar controller faceplate featuring the iconic Metallica skull motif, a copy of the critically-acclaimed game and a wireless guitar controller, will be available to fans.

Enter the world of Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo and experience Metallica’s intensity and skill while shredding on the guitar controller, ripping on the drum kit controller and wailing on the mic to a set list of over 45 explosive hits from both the GRAMMY® Award-winning band and more than 20 popular artists selected by Metallica, such as Alice In Chains, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Foo Fighters, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Queen. As one of the greatest metal bands of all time, players perform in venues reminiscent of the band’s epic album covers, themes from their music and real world locales. The all-new Expert+ drum difficulty setting, available for all platform versions of Guitar Hero Metallica, features two bass drum kick pedals, offering an authentic Metallica experience with note-for-note tracking, and Metallifacts, which, after nailing a song, lets players enjoy a virtual concert filled with on-screen facts and trivia about the song being played.

Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, has admitted that Shigeru Miyamoto “is not God.” Morever, Iwata explained that some software have “turned out to be lacking something in the end.”

“If you have included our inability to launch software in a timely fashion in the former half of this year as one of these mistakes, I have to express my disagreement to such a use of the term. Honestly speaking, whether entertainment software is good enough or not cannot be told until development nears completion. Even amongst the software created by Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo, some have turned out to be entertaining enough in line with the original development concept while some turned out to be lacking something in the end.

One of the reasons why Miyamoto is highly praised is because of his ability to stop, rethink about, and fix how he can convey the appeal of a software when he finds out during the latter phase of development that the software will not be good enough. This is why the games he has worked on have a high batting average to produce big hits. However, he is not God and even Miyamoto himself cannot hit the mark every time nor always predict how long it takes to complete development. I believe my management job is to set parameters of the development timeframe, and with this uncertainty in mind, to plan our product launch timings without too much time between each one, but it is not easy to get this down perfectly…”


Two Exciting New Harvest Moon Titles Cropping Up on Nintendo Platforms this Year

Burlingame, Calif., May 21, 2009 – Natsume, a worldwide developer and publisher of family-oriented video games, announced today that it will publish Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for the Nintendo Wii and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands for the Nintendo DS. Harvest Moon: Animal Parade will be released this fall, while Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands will be available later this summer. Both of the new games will be shown for the first time in public at Natsume’s booth (South Hall, booth # 848) in June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

“Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands continue our beloved Harvest Moon franchise with wonderful new storylines, plenty of activities, and exciting new features,” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. “Each game introduces intriguing new characters and exciting new features, such as the ability to share your photos over WiiConnect24 in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.”


The Royal ‘Wii’ is delivered to Buckingham Palace

HRH The Queen of England received an unusual surprise today as a gold-plated Wii was delivered to Buckingham Palace.

Finished in gold, the unique Wii console was specially commissioned for the Royal Family to mark today’s launch of brand new Wii game BIG Family Games – the perfect game for all the family to play together from publisher THQ Inc.

As the UK’s ultimate family, the Royals also received one of the first copies of BIG Family Games to road-test their shiny new console.

Foreign Media Games and TransGaming Bring the Ultimate DJ Experience to Nintendo WiiTM

Toronto, Canada – May 21, 2009 – TransGaming, Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), announces the creation of a game development studio and is partnering with Foreign Media Games (FMG) on the development of its first title, “Armin van Buuren – In the Mix” for the Nintendo Wii™ console. TransGaming specializes in the development of innovative products for the electronic entertainment industry and is working with leading publishers on many of the top global gaming franchises. The creation of a game development studio will allow TransGaming to leverage its depth of technical experience while broadening its strategic relationships with game publishers globally.

“This is an exciting time for TransGaming as we expand the company to embrace new strategic opportunities that will provide new revenue streams from core game development projects.” commented Vikas Gupta, CEO & President of TransGaming. “It’s an absolute thrill for our first game to be a new global franchise based on the top DJ in the world, Armin Van Buuren. We are confident that “Armin van Buuren – In the Mix” will propel the highly popular music gaming genre to new heights with its innovative game play experience that embodies the creativity, energy and artistry of the ultimate DJ.

“The reason why I said today that April, May and June sales of Wii will not reach last year’s results but that the situation will change from summer this year was because the company has been preparing for several titles to be launched toward the end of this year that can drive the market.” – Iwata

I can’t really say that I’m surprised by this news. We know that Nintendo will have one game for the holidays, and will probably launch at least one other in earlier months.

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