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3DS themes

3DS owners in Europe can head to a local Nintendo Zone to obtain a new theme in honor of International StreetPass Week. Sadly, I don’t believe it’s being offered in North America!

Girls Mode 3 has launched in Japan, and Nintendo is celebrating with a new 3DS theme. Fans can purchase the theme for 200 yen.

Here’s the official video:


If you’re interested in getting a look at this week’s Japanese 3DS themes, then be sure to check out the video above. As we mentioned a short while ago, there are plenty of new themes – including Hunter x Hunter and more.

A fresh set of 3DS themes are out now in Japan. These include ones based on Hunter x Hunter (200 yen), Peanuts (200 yen), Future Card Buddyfight (200 yen), and Pom Pom Purin (200 yen).

Watch a video for the Hunter x Hunter theme below.

As a sidenote, you guys have no idea how badly I want that Hunter x Hunter theme. Sadly, it’s probably not releasing in the west!


Earlier today, Capcom announced that 1 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate have been shipped in the west. The news is being celebrated with a free 3DS theme. Look for it in May.

As confirmed by the Monster Hunter Twitter account:


Several new 3DS themes are out now in Europe. They’re all based on the children’s book series Geronimo Stilton. Each is priced at €1.99.


As we mentioned earlier today, Nintendo has a few activities planned for International StreetPass Week. Among these is the distribution of a new 3DS theme, which you can get a look at above.

International StreetPass Week runs between April 16 and April 27.



There are a bunch of additional themes out now in Japan. The lineup includes Nikki, AFTERSCHOOL, U-KISS, Apprentice Witch and Fluffy Friends, Sesame Street, Gale Rabbit Maru, Steel Empire and Order Land. You can find footage of the latest themes above.

A fresh set of 3DS themes are out now in Japan. These include the Nikki theme (200 yen), Sesame Street theme (200 yen), and themes for Doraemon (150 yen) and U-KISS (200 yen).

Watch a couple of theme videos below.


Nikki’s Travel Quiz will be available to Japanese Club Nintendo members later this month. Nintendo has also made it known that a special 3DS theme is in the works. The theme can be obtained for 10 points.

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