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Adam Rippon

Earlier this year, Muteki confirmed its two Dragon Fantasy games for 3DS. Although there hasn’t been much news since January, you’ll be happy to know that development is progressing smoothly.

Muteki’s Adam Rippon told us that Dragon Fantasy: Book I “is coming along quite well” on 3DS. Currently, the team is working on performance improvements.

Dragon Fantasy is running at about 50 frames per second at the moment – just like the PS Vita version. However, Rippon wants it to be “a perfect 60FPS”.

Muteki hopes to talk about launch plans for Dragon Fantasy: Book I at PAX.

Now for a small update on Dragon Fantasy: Book II. It’s still planned for 3DS, though “it’s not quite as far along”. Book II will launch later down the road.

Rippon ended our communication by stating that both Dragon Fantasy titles “look and play extreeeeeeemely well on the 3DS. It’s like they were made for it!”

I don’t think many people could pick a single “favorite” Nintendo game; most of us end up picking a top three or top five in a desperate attempt to include every game we’ve ever found truly special.

Here at Nintendo Everything, though, our interview subjects get no such privilege. We asked three developers– Black Forest Games, The Game Bakers, and Adam Rippon from Muteki Corporation and Choice Provisions– to provide for us two games: first, their favorite Nintendo-published game of all time. A tough task, no doubt, but on top of that? A second question! We also asked for their favorite non-Nintendo game on a Nintendo platform.

Could you pick just two? Check out the answers we got in below for inspiration– you might be surprised at some of the answers.

(Unsure as to what Developer Musings is about? Check out our first entry here for an explanation.)

Muteki Corporation recently revealed to Nintendo Everything that it will soon be bringing Dragon Fantasy: Book I (as well as Book II) to the 3DS eShop. We spoke with creative director Adam Rippon to learn about what’s new in the 3DS release, whether or not we can expect more 3DS support from the studio in the future, and a whole lot more. Continue on below for our full discussion.