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Anima: Gate of Memories

Following up on yesterday’s PEGI rating, Switch is confirmed to be getting Anima: Gate of Memories – The Nameless Chronicles. The original Anima: Gate of Memories is also coming to the console.

Players will be able to purchase the two titles individually or as a bundle. They’ll cost €19.99 a piece or €29.99 together.

The situation surrounding Anima: Gate of Memories on Wii U has been a weird one. During the project’s early days, an eShop release was pretty much set in stone. Publisher BadLand Indie ended up claiming last July that a Wii U version is no longer in the cards, which then prompted the game’s developer to say otherwise.

Now things have taken a turn for the worse once again. Here’s an excerpt from Anima’s latest Kickstarter update:

“Anima Gate of Memories will be released simultaneously in Windows, Xbox One and PS4 and we are working to be able to release a few months later a WiiU version (which, even if we are still not sure, we hope that will be possible). Right now we are trying to discover if we can provide a console key. Give us a few more weeks to see if it can be done.”

The Wii U version hasn’t been cancelled outright, but there might be a reason to be concerned. We’ll keep you informed as we hear more about the situation.


Last week, Anima: Gate of Memories publisher BadLand Indie got in touch with us to confirm that a Wii U version of the game is no longer planned. But Carlos Garcia, creator of the title, soon refuted that information. So what’s the status of the game on Wii U?

We reached out to BadLand Indie once again after presenting Garcia’s latest update, and the company said:

“The fact remains that there are no plans for the Wii U for this upcoming release. There is a possibility of a future release to other platforms, but at this time a Wii U version of Anima: Gate of Memories is not confirmed.”

We then contacted Garcia himself after informing him about the latest information we received. Despite what BadLand Indie continues to say, he’s looking to reassure fans that a Wii U version of Anima is still in the pipeline.

“We are aiming for a Wii U release as much as we were on the first day. Our problem is that we want to do a proper port to Wii U, not just a simple version of the PC, Xbox One and PS4 release; our goal is doing a good Wii U port.

For that reason, we will release in first place the game in other consoles, which have a similar performance, and then we will work in the Wii U version.”

This is an absolutely bizarre situation. BadLand Indie is maintaining the belief that Anima isn’t coming to Wii U – at least for now – though Garcia is absolutely sure that it’s happening. At the moment I’m more inclined to believe the game’s creator, but we’ll see what happens!

BadLand Indie, the publisher of Anima: Gate of Memories, recently reached out to us with information indicating that the game was no longer planned for Wii U. That was in spite of the fact that developer Anima Project Studio had intended to make this version happen for a couple of years now.

New comments from Anima Project Studio have only added to the confusion. The project is still apparently on for Wii U, but it’ll be released after other versions.

Here’s what was written on the title’s E3 2015 YouTube trailer page:

Again, no. We really plan to release it on WiiU. The only problem is that we wanted to release the WiiU version along the other consoles, and it is right now impossible for us, so we will work on it once the other versions are ready.

We’ve reached out to BadLand Indie as well as Anima Project Studio to clear up any final misunderstandings.


Anima: Gate of Memories has long been thought to be coming to Wii U. That’s in part because its creator has relayed interest in making the title for Nintendo’s console since the project’s early Kickstarter days. Sadly, we have now received information indicating that a Wii U release will not be happening.

You may recall that there were rumors about a Wii U version no longer being in the table earlier this year. However, at the time, creator Carlos García told us that the situation has remained the same, and it would still be brought to the system.

The developer of Anima: Gate of Memories partnered with BadLand Indie a few months ago. García intended to bring Anima to Wii U for a number of years, but it seems as though the situation changed once the partnership with BadLand was formed, as this version was removed from projections.

BadLand Indie told us earlier this week:

With a game that has a long history like Anima: Gate of Memories there are bound to be changes during development which conflict with previously released information. What I can say with certainty is that in the upcoming launch of the game this fall no Wii U release is planned.

So that’s that I suppose! Unless something changes in the future, Wii U will not be getting Anima: Gate of Memories. It’s unfortunate, but there’s not much that can be done about the situation.

The official E3 2015 trailer for Anima: Gate of Memories has now been released. Watch it below.

The developers behind Anima: Gate of Memories confirmed late last month that the game has finally entered beta. Although it can be played from start to finish, Anima requires lots of polish, the addition of story cut-scenes, and bug corrections.

That’s not all on Anima: Gate of Memories. The team announced that Badland Games is handling the title’s distribution. I’m not entirely sure how/if the news applies to the Wii U version, so I’ll just mention that off-hand.

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Since the early days of Anima: Gate of Memories’ existence, we’ve heard that the game would be released on Wii U. That’s why it was particularly strange that speculation started surfacing today that this might no longer be the case.

The rumors seem to have arisen from a couple of tweets published by BadLand Games, a Spanish distributor. BadLand essentially stated that there are no plans for a Wii U version at the moment. I’m not sure why this was said, but I can confirm that Anima: Gate of Memories is still on for Wii U. Creator Carlos García confirmed to us that the team is still planning a Wii U version.