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RPGolf Legends physical west

Limited Run Games is preparing a physical version of RPGolf Legends for Switch in the west, the company has revealed.

Fans will be able to pick up a standard copy as part of its distribution line. Right now there are no plans for any special editions.

RPGolf Legends, a golfing RPG and sequel to RPGolf, has been made available for pre-purchase on the Switch eShop today, and is scheduled to arrive on January 20th. Check out some gameplay footage ahead of its launch with the video below the break.

RPGolf Legends physical

RPGolf Legends has now been confirmed for physical release on Switch – at least in Japan.

When the game is ready to go this month, Kemco will be distributing the title largely as a digital release. A physical version won’t be offered in North America or Europe (at least at launch), though the boxed copy from Japan will suffice.

Like all Switch games, RPGolf Legends is region free and that applies to the physical version as well. Since English is supported, you can play through it just like any other title.

Kemco and ArticNet have shared a new English translation of the announcement trailer for RPGolf Legends, a direct sequel to RPG-golf hybrid game RPGolf. No official release date has been announced, but the game is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2022. Here’s the trailer, along with RPGolf Legends’ official overview:

RPGolf Legends

RPGolf, an RPG that first debuted in 2017, is now seeing a sequel in the form of RPGolf Legends. Kemco will be bringing the game to Switch and other platforms in the future in partnership with developer ArticNet.

RPGolf Legends offers a mix of action RPG, adventure, and golf gameplay. Outside of golf, you’ll be exploring the world, battling enemies, and making allies. A class system is included along with skills, special items, and more.

Here’s some additional information from the official overview:

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