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Blast ‘Em Bunnies

On Thursday, Nnooo brought out its latest game on the 3DS eShop: Blast ‘Em Bunnies. Take a look at a few minutes of footage below.

Indie studio Nnooo is set to release their previously announced endless shooter, “Blast ‘Em Bunnies”, on the 3DS eShop on March 10th. The game will cost $/€4.99. The game will also launch for PS4, Vita, and Xbox One around the same time.

Nnooo’s description of the game from their press release reads:

Blast ‘Em Bunnies pits you the player as a cute, cartoon bunny called Bang Bang who must defend your rabbit burrow, against an onslaught of evil bunnies. These bunnies have captured your offspring and one of them, the evil Throatslitter, is holding them hostage. Just how long can you and your little ‘uns survive? Grab your carrot rifle, watermelon machine gun, turnip mortar or runner bean laser and take them down! Shoot coins to collect them and spend them on new weapons, upgrades and ammo including sticky raspberries, heat seeking chilli seeds, shredding leek lasers or bouncing, splitting, exploding pumpkin bombs!

The game will launch with purchasable extra content, such as arenas and skins. Details are below:

5 Arena Packs: US$/€ 1.99 each. Each one contains a new arena, day/night system and 3 new music tracks
5 Skin Packs: US$/€ 2.99 each. Each one contains 21 new skins (3 for each bunny type)
3 Permanent Multipliers: US$/€ Free to 9.99. The Multipliers cumulatively increase how many coins you collect when you shoot a coin
4 Weapon Unlocks: US$/€ 2.99 to 4.99. For those who don’t want to play the game to unlock everything!

Users can also purchase bundles of add-on content to save money:

5 Skin and Arena Bundles: US$/€ 3.99 each. Each contains a matching skin and arena pack. (Content value of each – US$/€ 4.98)
All Skins and Arena Bundle: US$/€ 9.99. Contains all of the skins and arenas. (Content Value US$/€ 24.90)
Mega Bundle: US$/€ 14.99. Contains all of the skins, arenas and multipliers. (Content Value US$/€ 39.88)

Nnooo also released a launch trailer for the game (note: this trailer is based on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game).


Nnooo released a new Blast ‘Em Bunnies trailer today for E3 2015. Check it out below.

Blast ‘Em Bunnies isn’t on Wii U, but it is on 3DS. Why is this so?

Developer Nnooo explained on Twitter:

Nnooo seems to have left the door slightly ajar regarding a potential Wii U version in the future. But for now, the studio is focusing “on the core platforms first.”


We were recently given the opportunity to interview Nic Watt, founder/creative director for Nnooo. Watt tackled questions about Blast ‘Em Bunnies, escapeVektor, the eShop, and more.

Head past the break for our full interview.

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