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Bplus Games

Much has been made about Switch menu game icons over the past few months. Many system owners have voiced their opinions about them – with some vocal players dissatisfied with the way they look. Snake Pass, LEGO Worlds, and SteamWorld Dig 2 are among the titles people have requested to be changed.

To circumvent this issue, developer Bplus Games is taking a proactive approach in asking its followers to participate in a poll to determine which icon will be used for their upcoming Puzzle Box Maker. The four options are viewable in the image above. This seems to be a sensible approach in handling some players’ strong feelings about what an icon should look like.


Bplus Games Tweeted out that Puzzle Box Maker would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch this autumn. There isn’t too much more information provided, besides the fact that it is coming and a logo. More information seems to be coming soon.


Having already confirmed Tank It! for Switch, Bplus is announcing two more games for Switch. Puzzle Box and Bit Boy!! Arcade Deluxe should also be on the eShop at some point.

Bplus shared the news in an anniversary video published late last week. The clip also shows a look at Tank It!, which is currently planned for September.


Bit Boy!! Arcade will finally be launching on the eShop next month, according to a listing on Nintendo’s website. The game will apparently be available on April 17 in North America (and the European release shouldn’t be too far behind).

You can find an overview for Bit Boy!! Arcade below.

Bit Boy!! Arcade is done and is currency going through testing with Nintendo of Europe. All that remains now is the game’s release date. At present, developer Bplus seems to be considering a simultaneous launch in North America and Europe.

The company wrote on Twitter earlier today:


Bplus Games has nearly wrapped up work on Bit Boy!! Arcade. Earlier today, the studio wrote the following in a tweet:

Bit Boy!! Arcade doesn’t have a release date just yet, but it shouldn’t be too long before it arrives on the 3DS eShop.


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