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Brain Age

brain age sudoku

Sudoku wasn’t included in the original Japanese release of Brain Age, but it did find its way into the western edition. Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is a big reason why.

Reggie knew that Nintendo would have to think about Brain Age differently in the west. Japan had an older population, and Dr. Kawashima was largely unknown in the west. Reggie would later have a conversation with the late Nintendo global CEO Satoru Iwata about including sudoku for Brain Age in overseas regions.

Nintendo of Japan just announced that an update will be coming to Brain Age for Wii U, adding save states and a Virtual Console menu. It’s possible that this might also tie into the Miiverse closure announcement but at present this is unclear.

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Though the game was just released,  Brain Age’s Miiverse page states that the game will only be available until June 30th. It’s unclear as to why this decision was made but we’ll update the story if anything else surfaces.

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Nintendo launched the DS Virtual Console today in an understated way with the release of Brain Age. It’s out now in Japan as a free download.

The game itself is a very small download. It only takes up 55MB of space, with the user data requiring another 64MB.


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