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Chibig Studio

We recently heard that Summer in Mara will be receiving a physical release in Japan. Now we can say the same about Europe as well.

Today, Tesura Games announced that it has reached an agreement with Chibig Studio for the European physical edition. A release is planned for Q4 2021. More information will follow “soon.”

Tesura Games also says that it will continue to work with Chibig Studio on physical editions of the company’s games.

Source: Tesura Games PR

System: Switch
Release date: April 15, 2021
Developer: Chibig
Publisher: Chibig

Summer in Mara was one of the more recent games that took me by surprise in terms of how much I enjoyed it, as I really love the sense of serenity it offers with a small but playful map that gives just enough to keep things consistently fun – especially for the explorative types. Though Chibig is no stranger to game development, it was the first of their portfolio to hit consoles, and while the Switch version had a few quirks, it still retained what was most important without having to sacrifice much outside of some visual quality. Deiland may be new to some, but the game has technically been out since Chibig brought it to mobile in 2016. Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition on Switch now marks the third time it has been released, but as someone who’s played it briefly on mobile and then on PC just before the Switch version for the purposes of this review, this would also mark the third time Deiland has simply been… Deiland, with little between releases to feel like a sizeable update or enhancement from prior SKUs.

Summer in Mara developer Chibig Studio opened a Kickstarter yesterday for Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition, a redone version of its farming adventure game. Having reached its €10,000 goal, the game has been secured for Switch.

Deiland originally released in 2018. For the new Pocket Planet Edition on Switch, fans can expect new content, all DLC included, and graphical/gameplay improvements.

Here’s some additional details plus a trailer:

Chibig Studio shared a new story trailer today for Summer in Mara, its new summer adventure with easy-RPG elements and farming, crafting, and exploring mechanics. Watch it below.

Summer in Mara is due out for Switch via the eShop on June 16.

Summer in Mara, “a summer adventure with farming, crafting, and exploring mechanics set in a tropical archipelago,” has received a release date. It’ll be out on Nintendo’s console starting June 16, developer Chibig Studio has announced.

Here’s some information about the game:

Summer in Mara was originally on track to launch later this year. Unfortunately, that will no longer be happening. Chibig has announced a delay, resulting in a new release window of early February.

Explaining the situation on Kickstarter, Chibig wrote:

Deiland developer Chibig Studio has announced Summer in Mara, an adventure and farming game. A release is planned on Switch in 2019.

Chibig Studio passed along the following information today: