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Nintendo has uploaded a couple of new commercials for its Switch fitness experience Ring Fit Adventure. We have both adverts below.

Nintendo has posted a new trailer for Ring Fit Adventure along with a Japanese commercial. Both videos can be found below.

Square Enix is preparing for this week’s launch of Dragon Quest XI S on Switch with a new Japanese commercial. View it below.

Nintendo has gone live with the latest “Switch My Way” commercial, this time featuring Luigi’s Mansion 3. We have the advert below.

Nintendo has published a new North American commercial to promote the release of Switch Lite. Take a look at the advert below.


Bandai Namco has issued a new commercial for Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition, which is due out on Switch next month. Check it out below.

You may recall that Nintendo published a pair of Japanese commercials for Zelda: Link’s Awakening earlier this month, one of which had actual lyrics tying in with Ballad of the Wind Fish. A similar commercial has now been uploaded by Nintendo UK, and now we get to hear actual English vocals. Have a look at the advert below. 

Ninja Box commercial

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Bandai Namco has readied a new commercial to promote its Japanese Switch release Ninja Box. Have a look at the advert below.

Level-5 is gearing up for the release of Ni no Kuni on Switch with a new Japanese commercial. Check out the advert below.

Nintendo is rolling out commercials for Pokemon Sword/Shield with a new “Switch My Way” advert. We have it attached below.