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Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread development

MercurySteam CEO Enric Álvarez has discussed working with Nintendo and the development of Metroid Dread. This comes as part of an interview with Gamereactor.

The Switch title marked the second collaboration between the two sides following Metroid: Samus Returns, a remake of the Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus. Álvarez said both companies “have an excellent understanding of each other”. He indicated that Nintendo is open to new ideas while MercurySteam was “hungry for leaving our own mark on the franchise.”

Metroid Dread E.M.M.I. figma

We have a status update on the E.M.M.I. figma for Metroid Dread, as Good Smile has now provided a release date, new photos, and opened pre-orders.

The figma uses a flexible plastic in important areas along with metal screws for some joints. Its extending limbs have been preserved in figure form. Optional parts include a faceplate, DNA-extracting spike, and a large-size base. It measures approximately 215mm in height.

Samus Aran Metroid Dread figma pre-order

Good Smile has provided an update on its Samus Aran Metroid Dread figma with a final release date, new photos, and pre-orders.

The figure was first announced in February of this year, but was only shown with a concept image. Today, Good Smile announced that the Samus Aran Metroid Dread figma will be available in October 2023.

The Mario movie is coming out next year and while very little is known about it, its delay in April hasn’t given Nintendo fans a lot of confidence in the production. Of course, it’s too early to tell if it will be a good movie or not, but what is interesting to discuss is what other Nintendo properties would be good movies.

When we consider this, it’s fair to ask – what makes a “good” movie? Is it the plot, memorable characters, an amazing soundtrack, or lots of Morbin’? I would say all that helps (especially the Morbin’), but when it comes to conceptualizing a movie from a video game, there’s a greater thing to consider: how does the core premise fits into a cinematic wrapper?

metroid dread best selling metroid ever

Metroid Dread is now the series’ best-selling entry of all time, according to the latest data from Nintendo.

As we saw earlier today, Metroid Dread is at 2.90 million copies sold. That means it has overtaken Metroid Prime, which sold 2.84 million units.

Metroid Dread update 2.1.0

A new update is here for Metroid Dread, as Nintendo and MercurySteam have just released version 2.1.0. Patch notes have been shared.

After installing the patch, players can access three different types of boss rush modes. There’s the standard Boss Rush, Survival Rush, and Dread Rush.

The full patch notes for the Metroid Dread version 2.1.0 update and new modes are as follows:

metroid dread uk sales update

There’s a bit of news to report regarding Metroid Dread’s sales performance in the UK. This is based on data provided by GfK.

The Switch title has already overtaken past entries in the series to become the best-selling 2D entry. Additionally, it’s the third biggest Metroid game overall – it’s only behind Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3. Since digital sales aren’t included, it’s expected that Metroid Dread will soon be the top Metroid game in the UK as a whole if it isn’t already.

Metroid Dread update 2.0.0

Nintendo and MercurySteam just released the new 2.0.0 update for Metroid Dread. Along with new difficulty options, it comes with new details on the results screen and fixes.

Below are the full patch notes for the Metroid Dread version 2.0.0 update:

Nintendo and MercurySteam have announced a new Metroid Dread update, and it’s launching today.

Two new difficulty modes will be added. In Dread Mode, if you take one hit, Samus will be defeated. There’ll also be
increased recovery in Rookie Mode.

It was also announced that a Boss Rush update is coming in April.

Metroid Dread E.M.M.I.

In a lengthy interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, series producer Yoshio Sakamoto shared a peak behind the curtain on Metroid Dread’s development including the E.M.M.I. mechanic as well as memories of his time working on the series.

Sakamoto has been involved with the franchise since its inception on the NES. In the interview, he touched on what it was like to work with MercurySteam to create the series’ first HD entry, went into the specifics of E.M.M.I.’s design, and much more.

Our full translation of the interview can be found below.

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