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Nintendo has uploaded a series of commercials for Buddy Mission Bond, its adventure game made in partnership with Koei Tecmo. We have the full set below.

Capcom has published a couple of new Japanese commercials for Monster Hunter Rise ahead of its full release in March. We have both adverts below.

Monster Hunter Rise launches for Switch on March 26.

Spike Chunsoft has shared an official Japanese commercial for Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne. Get a look at the advert below.

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne launches for Switch in Japan on January 28. It will follow on January 29 in North America and February 5 in Europe.

A second new commercial has come online for Super Nintendo World, this time featuring the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge ride. Give it a look below.

A new Japanese commercial for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has gone live as we ring in 2021. Check out the advert below.

Starting today, a new commercial for Super Nintendo World began to air in Japan. It highlights the different attractions, rides, and more.

Here’s the full advert:

Monster Hunter Rise is three months away until release, and Capcom is now prepping for the launch with a couple of Japanese commercials. We have both below.

Monster Hunter Rise is due out for Switch on March 26, 2021 worldwide.

Nintendo has released its third commercial of Super Mario 3D All-Stars for the week, this time featuring Super Mario Galaxy. Check out the advert below.

You can find a previous commercial for Super Mario 64 here and Super Mario Sunshine here.

Nintendo is going back to promoting Super Mario 3D All-Stars with a new commercial focusing on Super Mario 64. Have a look at the advert below.

Nintendo has come out with its latest North American Switch commercial showing first and third-party games that contain a high amount of action. View it below.