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Dragon Marked for Death

Inti Creates has updated Dragon Marked for Death on Switch to version 3.1.5n. It comes with information about the “Fatigued State” in the tips section, a bit of updated language, and bug fixes.

The full patch notes are as follows:

A new update has been released for Dragon Marked for Death. Here is the update changed:

An issue where players could see information on items after special upgrades despite not being able to equip them has been fixed.


Inti Creates has released a massive patch for Dragon Marked for Death. Version 3.1.3n has tons of changes for characters, quests, and more.

Below are the full patch notes:

Dragon Marked for Death has been updated to version 3.1.0, adding new content and features.

Starting today, players can take on a new final boss. Each character class also has access to new end-game weapons while the Bandit and Oracle have been given exclusive accessories. Inti Creates highlighted the arrival of a new quest as well.

Below are the full patch notes and trailer:

Dragon Marked for Death has been updated on Switch to version 3.1.0. Along with a couple of adjustments, lots of bug fixes have been implemented.

Below are the full patch notes:

Dragon Marked for Death ended up going live on Switch yesterday following a short delay. Inti Creates has now shared the lengthy patch notes detailing all of the changes and adjustments.

Here are the full details:

The Dragon Marked for Death Version 3.0.0 patch, which was previously slated for a delay,  will be available today at 11AM ET/8AM PT. The new update will add the Oracle and the Bandit as new playable characters, as well as increasing level caps and a variety of new equipment and items. Developer Inti Creates had this to say about the update on Twitter:

Thank you all for your patience during these times, and may you enjoy the truckload of content packed into Ver. 3.0.0!


Dragon Marked for Death version 3.0.0 will not launch this coming week as originally expected. Inti Creates is delaying its release, the company announced. Inti Creates has been impacted by having to work out of the office due to the coronavirus.

Dragon Marked for Death version 3.0.0 features the Oracle and the Bandit as new playable characters. Other new features are coming as well such as brand new weapon categories, powering up weapons as a whole, increased level caps, and more.


A new milestone for Dragon Marked for Death was shared during today’s Inti Creates Live #11 broadcast. Since launch, the game has sold over 120,000 copies, Inti Creates revealed.

A major update for Dragon Marked for Death goes live on April 23, adding the Oracle and Bandit as new playable characters and more.

Inti Creates has brought all kinds of Switch support in the last year with games such as Dragon Marked for Death, Blast Master Zero, and the Gunvolt series (among others). Well, it’s possible we could see more announcements such as these soon, as the developer confirmed that they would be bringing back their live stream presentation after 3.5 years.

This bilingual presentation (Japanese & English) is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7 at 8am ET and it brings with it two new hosts which will be Diana Garnet (who is the singer of the DMFD theme song) and Kenta Tanaka (voice of Bandit in DMFD). Inti Creates has assured that there will be new information on their upcoming projects in this episode as well as “special announcements” to enjoy. 

There is also to be a special video message from the producer of Dragon Marked for Death, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, that the blog post mentions you won’t want to miss. 

For more information on this presentation (episode #11 in Inti Creates’ live stream series), check the source below.