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Dragon Quest VII

Noriyoshi Fujimoto was present at PAX this past weekend for a special developer panel. Additionally, he was on hand to answer a few questions from the press. GameXplain spoke with Fujimoto, and the two sides talked about how the remake came to be, the game’s length, changes from the original, and more. Watch the interview below.

Dragon Quest VII’s western launch isn’t too far off, and Nintendo is gearing up its promotional efforts with a new UK commercial. As usual, we have it below.


Dragon Quest VII Noriyoshi Fujimoto was at PAX West 2016 yesterday, and hosted a panel about the RPG which is finally making its way to North America and Europe next week. We have the full recording below.

Two upcoming 3DS games are up for pre-load on the North American eShop. The games are Dragon Quest VII and Disney Magical World 2.

With Dragon Quest VII, the RPG requires 11,635 blocks (1,454.375MB) of free space. Disney Magical World 2 needs 10,675 blocks (1,334.375MB).

By pre-purchasing Dragon Quest VII, you’ll receive the 3DS theme pictured above. Disney Magical World 2 also has a bonus, as Nintendo is giving out a set of Frozen bonus outfits.

GameXplain held a stream earlier today showcasing an hour of footage from Dragon Quest VII. The full archive can be seen below.

USGamer has published an interview about the Dragon Quest VII remake with the producers of the title, Yuu Miyake and Noriyoshi Fujimoto. The interview goes into the history of the Dragon Quest series and its remakes, how the Dragon Quest VII remake is unique among those and how the team has tweaked the game for its 3DS release.

On the subject of the visual redesign and improved graphics for the Dragon Quest VII remake, the producers had this to say:

DQVII has the most magic, attributes, and jobs in the series, so we really wanted to reconsider how the users could have fun with it. One of the biggest additions, one of the things we wanted to show the fans was, how fun it was to change the occupations. To enhance that, we added different animations for these characters, for critical hit motions and whenever they change occupations, so there’s unique animations for each of them. We wanted the users to enjoy and experience these types of new additions through graphics by changing jobs and adding this new element.

GameXplain has uploaded the first 15 minutes of Dragon Quest VII on their YouTube channel. You can view the video below.

Nintendo has prepared a new Dragon Quest VII video focusing on the game’s tactics. Check out the video below.

Nintendo of France has prepared a new Dragon Quest VII video showing how the 3DS remake has made changes to the original from 2001. Check it out below.


Dragon Quest VII’ North American website has ditched its teaser site and is now fully open for business. Access it here. The latest game information, videos, wallpapers, and more are included.

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