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Yuu Miyake

Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X is one of the few recent entries in the series that has not left Japan. The MMORPG first appeared on Wii in 2012, and has since landed on Wii U, 3DS, and Switch.

Many fans have given up on the possibility of a localization at this point, but Square Enix isn’t ruling out the idea entirely. Actually, Dragon Quest XI producer Yuu Miyake told Game Informer that the team wants to bring it stateside, though the five-year plan of service would need to be rearranged.

USGamer has published an interview about the Dragon Quest VII remake with the producers of the title, Yuu Miyake and Noriyoshi Fujimoto. The interview goes into the history of the Dragon Quest series and its remakes, how the Dragon Quest VII remake is unique among those and how the team has tweaked the game for its 3DS release.

On the subject of the visual redesign and improved graphics for the Dragon Quest VII remake, the producers had this to say:

DQVII has the most magic, attributes, and jobs in the series, so we really wanted to reconsider how the users could have fun with it. One of the biggest additions, one of the things we wanted to show the fans was, how fun it was to change the occupations. To enhance that, we added different animations for these characters, for critical hit motions and whenever they change occupations, so there’s unique animations for each of them. We wanted the users to enjoy and experience these types of new additions through graphics by changing jobs and adding this new element.

Square Enix is finally bringing a new Dragon Quest game to the west in Dragon Quest Heroes for the PlayStation 4. But Nintendo fans are probably more interested in the likes of Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest VII, and the upcoming Dragon Quest VIII.

In an interview with Polygon, Dragon Quest series executive producer Yuu Miyake noted that Square Enix wants to release the different games overseas. But they’re “very text-heavy, so the time and the cost it takes to localize these and do it well is quite something.”

As fans continue to speak up, Square Enix will be more keen on pursuing localizations of past Dragon Quest entries. The company seems to be using Dragon Quest Heroes – a game picked for the west since it’s an action experience with fully-voiced characters and a higher potential for strong sales – as a means to determine how much interest there is for the series in North America.

Miyake said:

“We want to get them out here. We really do! The Dragon Quest games are very text-heavy, so the time and the cost it takes to localize these and do it well is quite something. Business-wise, we have to think quite hard whether we’ll make that money back from localizing to North America. It’s always been a difficult decision. But the more you tell us, the louder the voices, the more likely we are to do it.”

“We’re really using this (Dragon Quest Heroes) as a kind of opening up of the market. We can gauge whether the American people might want to go back after Heroes and see some of the other Dragon Quest games. Hopefully we could use that as leverage to get those out over here.”

Despite what Miyake stated, it appears that Square Enix already has plans to bring over some of the latest Dragon Quest games to North America and Europe – at least, that’s what’s been indicated by series creator Yuji Horii. Horii said at the Japan Expo this past weekend that he wants to release Dragon Quest VII and VIII for 3DS in France. Square Enix wouldn’t just localize these titles for the French market, so they would include other languages as well – like English.


Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X hasn’t been released overseas yet. That’s not because of a lack of interest from Square Enix, though.

Dragon Quest executive producer Yuu Miyake and mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto, speaking with Siliconera, said the following when asked if Square Enix would like to bring the game over: “We’d love to do it! Love to.”

Miyake then elaborated:

Further comments have emerged regarding the potential localization of Dragon Quest VII for 3DS.

In an interview with USgamer, Square Enix’s Yuu Miyake revealed that the company had given up on the idea at one point. However, based on interest from fans, Square Enix is now “trying to rethink this, to see if there’s any way to make this more feasible.”

Miyake said:

This petition came from France, written in Japanese, asking, ‘Is there any way you would consider it?’ We hear the fans, and we’re paying attention. We had actually given up on the idea of localization altogether, but because there’s such a great response we’re trying to rethink this, to see if there’s any way to make this more feasible. We’re recalculating, and figuring out the costs necessary. Trying to work out the details.


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