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Dragon Quest VII

Nintendo has opened the North American teaser site for Dragon Quest VII. Access it here.

In other news, Amazon is accepting pre-orders for Dragon Quest VII again. You can get yours in here. Pre-orders were down for awhile, which even prompted some (rather silly) speculation that the game would only be download-only. Of course, we know that isn’t true!


Note: this date applies to both North America and Europe.

Dragon Quest VII is being localized all thanks to the fans. Originally, Square Enix had no plans to bring the game over due to the huge amount of text needed to translate. However, due to vocal fan feedback – particularly from France who sent over letters and more – we ended up getting the RPG in the end. Square Enix shared this information as part of today’s Treehouse stream.

Several new screenshots from Dragon Quest VII have been released, courtesy of Nintendo. Find them below.

During a Nintendo press event that is currently ongoing, several RPGs were showcased. One of these was Dragon Quest VII.

According to Nintendo, Dragon Quest VII is “basically a brand new game” on 3DS. It’ll feature entirely new writing for its western release. Additionally, random encounters have been removed, and you’ll see enemies on the map. A story summary feature and StreetPass feature that lets you gain tablets will also be included.

The same presenter also mentioned that Dragon Quest VIII will have a top-notch localization.


Update: Just in case there were any doubts about Horii referring to the 3DS games…

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii just wrapped up a conference of sorts at the Japan Expo. At the very end of the event, he supposedly dropped a major bombshell. Horii said that the 3DS remakes Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII will be released “in French”.

That information comes from Twitter user Jérémie Kermarrec, who attended the conference. It’s backed up by fan site Final Fantasy Ring. Earlier today, the site posted an interview with Horii in which he stated that Square Enix is “thinking about” localizing Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII.

Kermarrec spoke with someone from Square Enix once things ended, and was told that Horii sharing the big news wasn’t planned. He nonetheless appears to have confirmed that the 3DS releases of Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII are both coming west.


Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii told Final Fantasy Ring in a recent interview that Square Enix is aware of fan demand for the series’ 3DS remakes in the west. Apparently, the company is “thinking about” localizing Dragon Quest VII and VIII for overseas territories.

Horii also commented on Dragon Quest XI, which we’ll just mention here briefly since platforms are unconfirmed. He once again noted that this title will be on home consoles, and it will be an offline experience (unlike the MMO nature of Dragon Quest X).


Back in March, we reported that a fan translation was underway for Dragon Quest VII. The project has now been cut short, as Square Enix has sent a cease and desist to the group responsible for it.

We can only hope that this is a sign that the company has plans to localize the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII. Otherwise fans will be left without a way to play the game in English on Nintendo’s handheld.


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