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Beyblade Burst launches in Japan in just two days, on November 10th. Check out the latest TV commercial for the game:

Amazon Japan has shared the official boxart for FuRyu’s new 3DS RPG, The Alliance Alive. Take a look at the packaging shot above.


The Alliance Alive was initially revealed through Jump, but Famitsu provides an extensive follow-up report last week. Much of it has been covered already, but we do have some additional information, including tidbits from the developers which weren’t touched on a few days ago.

In The Alliance Alive, the premise is that a thousand years ago, the Demon Clan invaded the human world to control a chaotic energy that could endanger the demon world. The Demon Clan also set up a Giant Barrier here that disrupted weather and caused the sky to no longer be blue, as well as causing earthquakes and generating a Black Current on the sea that split the land into several zones, consuming many other cities and killing about half of the whole human population. A few hundred years later, each of these zones were put into their own administrations by the Demon Clan, having unique cultures as well as a caste system that puts the Demon Clan at the top.

Three of the many zones split by the Black Current are introduced in this first batch:

FuRyu has now launched the full website for The Alliance Alive, its upcoming 3DS RPG. Access it here. Find some screenshots and art rounded up from the site below.

FuRyu has gone live with a debut trailer for its new 3DS JRPG The Alliance Alive. Give it a watch below.

We first found out about The Alliance Alive, FuRyu’s new 3DS RPG, through Jump last week. Famitsu follows up with plenty of additional information in this week’s issue. Along with a preview of the game itself, the magazine also spoke with a few developers.

The Alliance Alive should be considered as a new classic RPG. It uses the standards of RPGs while reconstructing the genre with the latest technology.

In The Alliance Alive, the world has been conquered by the Demon Clan for hundreds of years. It’s a world split into a number of zones, each having a unique culture. A story is told about humans who oppose the demon’s domination.

The player controls the protagonist and moves them on a distant field map. The battle system uses Symbol Encounter.

As previously mentioned, there are nine main characters, and all of them are protagonists. They begin their journeys with different plans at first, but everyone will eventually gather and move towards a single goal.

Characters include:

The Alliance Alive was announced through Jump as a new RPG for 3DS. It comes from the same team as The Legend of Legacy, which released last year.

You can now find The Alliance Alive’s teaser site here. There’s nothing on the page in terms of new information at the moment, but you can get a glimpse at a bit of footage below.

This week’s issue of Jump has announced The Alliance Alive for 3DS. It’s a new “group performance” RPG created by The Legend of Legacy developer FuRyu.

Thus far, we have the following information

– 9 protagonists
– Players switch between characters
– The story will develop from the perspectives of these characters, who each have different standpoints and environments
– Takes place in a continent ruled by magic beings and divided by the effects of a “distortion”
– Rain worlds and fire worlds are just a couple of the hostile worlds that players will visit

Characters introduced thus far are as follows:

Tigi – Prodigy Professor
Vivian – Daughter of a Noble Magic Being
Ignace – Vivian’s Butler
Galil – Boy of the Resistance
Ursula – Galil’s Childhood Friend
Rachel – Guild Mercenary
Barbarosa – Ghost Soldier
Jean – Knowledgable Mage
Renzo – Well-Informed Young Man

The Alliance Alive launches spring 2017 in Japan.


FuRyu published a trio of visual novels on the Japanese 3DS eShop a few weeks back. One of these was World End Economica Episode 1. Unsurprisingly, the second episode is now confirmed for Japan as well.

World End Economica Episode 2 heads to the Japanese eShop on September 28. The teaser site is located here, and a video is below.

Beyblade Burst boxart

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FuRyu has published the official boxart for Beyblade Burst. Get a look at the image above.