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ShonenGames has managed to obtain the full scan of Dragon Ball: Project Fusion from this month’s V Jump. As it turns out, the game has a new, final name. It’ll be called “Dragon Ball: Fusions” from here on out.

We’ve already talked about three of the fusions that are possible: Pillin / Pirilin (Piccolo x Krillin), Gollin / Gorilin (kid Goku × Krilin), and Krigohan (Krillin x kid Gohan). Note that characters who fuse without the wristband, which doesn’t involve EX fusion, will gain the fusion costume that can be seen on Pillin.

Players will be able to make their own character in Dragon Ball: Fusions. It will be possible to choose between Human, Saiyan, Alien, Spirit Worldian, and Namekian races.

Finally, as far as the story is concerned, the player and Pinich make a wish to Shenron to create the strongest Budokai in the universe. In turn, the world of Dragon Ball is fused together to participate in the Jikuuichi Budokai.

You can see the fully translated Dragon Ball: Fusions scan above.


This month’s issue of V-Jump has another update on Dragon Ball: Project Fusion, Bandai Namco’s new game for 3DS.

The main character in the game, along with Pinijji, will travel throughout the game world consisting of a fusion of various times and places from the series. A focal point of the plot will revolve around how the world ended up like this. It will be possible to encounter any character from any point of the series as time and space have been jumbled.

Players will be able to recruit characters into their party. You can then fuse them, including ones that would normally be impossible thanks to the mysterious armband the characters wear. The main character will also be able to fuse with Pinijji. In the magazine’s coverage, there’s another little look at the Broli/Goku fusion, who could be potentially more powerful than Vegito. And in one of the screenshots, Trunks says you should “gather energy” by recruiting more allies.


A few new details about Dragon Ball: Project Fusion have emerged from this week’s issue of Jump. Primarily, we have news about the characters.

Dragon Ball: Project Fusion features your own main character. However, it’s unknown if you can really modify him similar to the series’ last release, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Jump mentions that you’ll be the one doing the adventuring, and you’ll meet with legendary fighters.

We also get a first look at a brand new character called Pinijji. Jump doesn’t say who he is or what his role is.


Bandai Namco is publishing Dragon Ball: Project Fusion. However, another company is actually developing the game.

A new blog post reveals that Ganbarion is working on Dragon Ball: Project Fusion. You may know the studio for Pandora’s Tower and One Piece games such as One Piece: Unlimited World RED and the One Piece: Unlimited series.


With Pandora’s Tower arriving on the North American Wii U eShop this past Thursday, we have a video showing some footage from the game. Check it out below.

Pandora’s Tower is coming to the North American Wii U eShop tomorrow as a Wii download, Nintendo’s website reveals. The game should be available for $19.99.

For those who haven’t heard of Pandora’s Tower previously, here’s a handy overview:

Pandora’s Tower tells a haunting tale about a cursed young woman’s slow transformation into a hideous beast and the lengths to which the man she loves will go in order to save her. Aeron must brave the Thirteen Towers, which are suspended in the middle of a valley by chains connected to surrounding cliffs, and use his magical Oraclos Chain weapon to retrieve the flesh of the giant monsters that reside within each tower. He must feed this “master flesh” to Elena in order to reverse her transformation. Aeron’s interactions with Elena during their time together have a direct impact on the story, as the strength of their bond will determine which of the multiple endings is achieved.

Pandora’s Tower arrived on the European Wii U eShop back in April.


Ganbarion recently made a new new post on its developer blog that mainly covers the new Corrida Colosseum mode. Screenshots can be found above, and new details from the post are rounded up below.

– “Battle Colosseum” mode takes place at the Corrida colosseum in the Dressrosa arc of One Piece
– This is where the Mugiwara pirates faces Donquixote Doflamingo
– The colosseum is a new mode with four different ways to fight
– Battle two or more tough opponents in the arena
– Working well with your partner will be the key to winning these fights
– Duel mode: 1v1 battle
– Unlike the other modes that have multiple characters, you’ll constantly be attacked in this mode
– Brawl mode: battle a bunch of small-fry enemies
– They say that characters with ranged attacks or attacks that can hit multiple foes at once will have an edge in this mode
– Boss Rush mode: take on bosses one after another,
– Special Match feature has different battles for your characters
– Win these special fights to earn a huge boost in rank, and they will also have their own original side-stories to them
– Game will include various story developments that were never shown in the original, as you can get your own dream mix of characters to participate in this mode

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