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Ahead of its release in Japan in December, Marvelous has published a new Peach Ball: Senran Kagura trailer. You can view it below.

Marvelous published one of the first commercials for the upcoming Japanese Switch release Peach Ball: Senran Kagura. We have it below.

In a recent issue of Famitsu, the Japanese magazine spoke with Senran Kagura producer Takaki Kenichiro about the upcoming Peach Ball game for Switch. The somewhat awkward discussion tackled where the idea for the project started, how HD Rumble is being used, and what to expect from the title overall.

If you’re interested in learning more about Senran Kagura: Peach Ball, continue on below.. We’ve prepared a full translation of the interview.

Marvelous has passed along a handful of screenshots and art from Peach Ball: Senran Kagura, which was fully unveiled this week. We have the images below – NSFW warning of course.

During the Senran Kagura New Title Presentation 2018, first footage from Peach Ball: Senran Kagura was shown. Marvelous has also shared the game’s opening animation.

We have both videos below. Just be warned – this probably isn’t something you should watch at work.

Amazon Japan has added in a listing for Peach Ball: Senran Kagura. We’re able to get a first look at the limited edition packaging, boxart, and first screenshots as a result.

The limited edition includes a copy of the game, a physical version of Senran Kagura Reflexions with the additional characters and three new Fabulous Reflexions, and a downloadable content code. Pricing is set at 9,960 yen.

Finally, we have a few screenshots from Peach Ball: Senran Kagura below. They’re a bit on the small side, but they do give us an actual look at the game.

Following its initial announcement a year ago, Peach Ball: Senran Kagura has resurfaced in this week’s issue of Famitsu. The magazine reveals a release date of December 13 and Japan and shares first actual details.

Here’s what we know:

Peach Ball: Senran Kagura was announced for Switch a year ago. There’s been little information since then, but an update is coming very soon.

The Senran Kagura New Title Presentation 2018 was announced today, which will indeed include an update on Peach Ball: Senran Kagura. It’ll be held on August 2 at the following times:

Yesterday, Yomi was added as the latest DLC character in Senran Kagura Reflexions. As it turns out, that was the final addition. Director Kenichiro Takaki confirmed that no additional characters are planned, with the team fully focusing on Senran Kagura: Peach Ball.

Asuka is the primary character included in Senran Kagura Reflexions. Aside from Yomi, other DLC characters include Yumi, Murasaki, and Ryona.


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