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Gust sent out a new Nights of Azure 2 trailer today showing how the game improves upon the original.

Here’s the video:

As for what was shown, here’s an outline:

  • 1. More Beautiful Girls
    • Nights of Azure – Beautiful Girl x Beautiful Girl
    • Nights of Azure 2 – Beautiful Girl x Beautiful Girl x Beautiful Girl x Beautiful Girl x Beautiful Girl x Beautiful Girl
  • 2. Servans Play a Bigger Role
    • Nights of Azure – (See video)
    • Nights of Azure 2 – Servans can transform into weapons, as well as be used for map-related mechanisms
  • 3. Story Volume Increased
    • Nights of Azure – (See video)
    • Nights of Azure 2 – Story supervised by Production I.G.’s Junichi Fujisaku
  • 4. Stages Loaded with Gimmicks
    • Nights of Azure – (See video)
    • Nights of Azure 2 – Numerous gimmicks are set
  • 5. A Complete Growth Element
    • Nights of Azure – (See video)
    • Nights of Azure 2 – Various customizations are available


Nintendo published a brand new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors today. In it, four new characters are confirmed. Lucina, male Robin, Frederick, and Lissa are officially in the game.

“Warriors’ Awakening” is the new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors. Get a look at it below.

The official (Japanese) Fire Emblem Warriors Twitter account has announced that new information about the game will be released this week, alongside a new video. It’s likely that at least one new character will be revealed – possibly Robin and/or Lissa, which were recently leaked.


Nights of Azure 2 gameplay videos

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Gust has sent out a couple of gameplay videos on its Twitter account for Nights of Azure 2, which is slated for Switch. Watch the footage below.


Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon was announced for the west earlier this week. Following up on that, we have the game’s boxart. Despite the text saying it’s not final, we can’t see the packaging changing much before release.

To compare, here’s the Japanese version:

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon launches in Japan on August 31. North America and Europe are getting the title in late October.

It might be a game from Gust and Koei Tecmo, but NIS America is selling a special version of Nights of Azure 2 on its store. Pre-orders have started for the Nights of Azure 2: Bride of The New Moon Limited Edition. You can reserve a copy here.

You’ll get a few goodies aside from a copy of the game. It also has the following:

• Hard Cover Art Book
• Official Soundtrack
• Cloth Poster Design A: 24″ x 37″
• Cloth Poster Design B: 26″ x 18″
• Cloth Poster Design C: 34″ x 24″
• Collector’s Box

The Nights of Azure 2: Bride of The New Moon Limited Edition will set you back $100.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will launch in the west this October, Koei Tecmo announced today. The game was originally announced for Japan and is set to arrive on August 31.

Here’s an overview:

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon takes place in a fictional, demon-ridden Western European city towards the end of the 19th century. The story focuses on a knight protector named Alushe and her two childhood friends – Liliana, a kind-hearted priestess, and Ruhenheid, a holy knight of the Lourdes Order. While guarding Liliana, Alushe is ambushed and killed only to later awaken as an artificial half-demon at the hands of the New Curia, a religious organization with dark ties. In the company of a variety of unlikely allies with their own pasts and agendas, Alushe’s strong desire to save Liliana gives her the strength to scatter the shadows shrouding the world and motivation to uncover the shocking truth behind the mysterious Queen of the Moon.

And a trailer:

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon launches for Switch in North America on October 24. The European release is due on October 27.

Source: Koei Tecmo PR

Earlier today, Koei Tecmo offered a first look at the special versions of Fire Emblem Warriors for Japan. Fans will be able to pick up a Premium Box and Treasure Box for the game.

The packaging for the Premium Box appears to have accidentally revealed two new characters for Fire Emblem Warriors. Sprites for male Robin and Lissa were spotted on the official packaging. Worth noting, Famitsu edited its article and removed the box from the image.

Source, Via

New Nights of Azure 2 footage

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Gust shared two new videos for Nights of Azure 2. One strictly shows gameplay while the other has event scenes. Both can be found below.

New details are in for Nights of Azure 2. The latest information covers Malvasi (“Queen of the Moon”), The Three Popes, and Lily characters. Find everything rounded up below with screenshots included, courtesy of Gematsu.

Malvasia, the “Demon / Queen of the Moon” (voiced by Yu Shimamura)

– The head of the demons who emerged as a replacement for the Nightlord who disappeared
– She can be sealed away by offering the “Bride of Time”
– It is said that she was a calm demon in the past, but now for some reason seems to be trying to envelop the world in eternal night
– —A being that appears divine
– She addresses Alushe with cold eyes and a disinterested tone

The Three Popes, “The Top of the Curia” (voiced by Reiko Suzuki)

– The top of the Curia, who are trying to offer up the Bride of Time in order to seal the Queen of the Moon
– After reflecting on the dictatorial rule of the former pope, the new popes were established as a three-person parliamentary system to make decisions
– The three popes calmly gaze at Alushe and company through the openings of their majestic outfits
– With light shining through the stained glass behind them, the three popes give off a cold atmosphere during an audience
– Even those that belong the Curia have not seen their faces

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