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LEGO Super Mario

My Nintendo has added in a brand new keychain as a way of promoting the LEGO Super Mario product line. If interested, you can claim it here. It’ll set you back 400 Platinum Points.

It turns out that this is actually just half of the equation. In the same style as LEGO Mario, there’s a similar keychain available for LEGO Luigi, but not on My Nintendo. The LEGO VIP rewards site is offering Luigi here for 500 VIP Points. If you sign up, you can also claim 200 Platinum Points on My Nintendo for free.

LEGO Super Mario sets were first unveiled back in March 2020. It’s been a long road since then, with several additional products added to the line. Most recently, LEGO Luigi joined in on the fun, though that only just happened this month. 

Nintendo has published a new video with LEGO designers Amy Bennet and Benjamin Ma in which they show you the new ways you can play with LEGO Mario and LEGO Luigi. It’s possible to team up with the characters or family and friends, and you’ll earn extra coins when you jump, walk, and stomp at the same time. A new Adventures with Luigi Starter Course is joining the line, along with other products.

Here’s the full video:

The LEGO Group has unveiled brand new functionality for its LEGO Super Mario line. Between the Mario and Luigi figures, two-player action is now possible. Bluetooth support makes it possible to “play as a team, collect extra digital coins by doing in-sync actions like walking, flipping and jumping, or work together to defeat enemies, complete challenges, share rewards or even by changing up the play and competing against each other.”

Also officially announced today are new products for the LEGO Super Mario line. These include the Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set, Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set, Lakitu Sky World Expansion Set, Reznor Knockdown Expansion Set, Frog Mario Power-Up Pack, Bee Mario Power-Up Pack, and Character Packs – Series 3.

Here’s the full press release with additional details:

There’s still a lot planned with the LEGO Super Mario concept. A Luigi set was announced earlier this year, and we just heard about a third character pack series. An additional set has now surfaced as well.

Over on Amazon Australia, the retailer leaked what looks to be another LEGO Super Mario product. We’ve placed the images after the break just in case you’re looking to avoid being spoiled.

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