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Mario Kart Tour

As the Sydney Tour draws to a close in Mario Kart Tour, the game’s official Twitter account has teased the next big event heading to the racing title with a new promotional image, which we have added above.

Mario Kart Tour has been updated to version 2.10.0, bringing a slight change to matchmaking and joining games. Now, players can join Standard Races and Gold Races that friends are actively playing.

This update also pre-loads content for future tours coming to the game – including settings such as being able to see detailed play records for each past tour. The release dates for these settings that are coming soon have not been given at this time, but the official patch notes for this update can be seen below for more information.

A venture through the land down under is the next Tour on the docket for players of Mario Kart Tour. A new kangaroo-themed Yoshi joins the adorable Koala Baby Mario on the pavement this time, so be sure to check out the trailer below to preview the courses and see the racers in action. Haven’t tried the game yet? Check out an overview after the break!

mario kart tour sydney tour

Mario Kart Tour is continuing on with its next major event, the Sydney Tour. Nintendo teased the news over on its social media pages and shared a teaser screenshot, which can be found above.

For the time being, the Kamek Tour is being held in Mario Kart Tour, though that’s about to end. It should wrap up completely on September 7. Once it’s done and over with, expect the Sydney Tour to go live in Mario Kart Tour. We’ll have a trailer and any other notable news then.

The newest tour has arrived, and players can now take on races with a spooky theme. Kamek himself is now also available to add to your list of racers. Check out the tweet from the official Mario Kart Tour account along with the new trailer below:

  • The Frost Tour has ended, but you can still feel a chill down your spine… The Kamek Tour starts today in Mario Kart Tour and it features a course where countless Boos roam in the darkness… It’s RMX Ghost Valley 1!

Kamek Tour will be the next major event in Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo has announced. It will feature RMX Ghost Valley 1… and special else. Kamek will make his playable debut in the game and the Mario Kart series as a whole.

Frost Tour ends on August 24. Once that’s wrapped up, expect the Kamek Tour to begin.


A chilly Frost Tour is upon us in Mario Kart Tour. Icy tracks like the RMX Vanilla Lake 1 and others will be in the spotlight for the next round of racing. Check out the video below, featuring a penguin themed Mario and Kart, and more icy goodness:

Nintendo has announced that the Ice Tour is coming to Mario Kart Tour after the end of the current tour, the Mario vs. Peach Tour, on August 10.

This is a returning tour from last year, but Nintendo hasn’t yet outlined new additional content. The tour will feature the course RMX Vanilla Lake 1.


A new update has launched for Mario Kart Tour. Check out the patch notes below:

The Mario vs. Peach Tour is coming soon in Mario Kart Tour and Nintendo has posted a preview of the event in a trailer. This short video gives a glimpse of the tracks and the different teams racing.

Check out the full trailer below!

The Mario vs. Peach tour starts August 10, 2021 and runs until November 8, 2021.

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