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Mario Strikers: Battle League

Mario Strikers Battle League review

System: Switch
Release date: June 10, 2022
Developer: Next Level Games
Publisher: Nintendo

With its previous outings on GameCube and Wii, Mario had his own take on soccer (or football) that felt exciting and fresh at the time. A cast of characters from the franchise made up a roster for players to choose from and jump into a field with the basic rules of the sport in place, but with a few more mechanics that would further excite the gameplay – elements like specials, tackles, and specialized stadiums that certainly made the entire experience feel very, well, Mario. With little to no fouls to worry about, Mario Strikers was always a frenetic perspective on the traditional sport. Mario Strikers: Battle League has increased that chaos tenfold mechanically but does little elsewhere to warrant any sort of prolonged investment that prior entries to the series had before. While the game has a lot going for it, there feels like untapped potential has been left on the table.

Mario Strikers: Battle League trailer

With the release of Mario Strikers: Battle League on Switch, Nintendo has readied a new launch trailer. It provides a final look at the 5-on-5, soccer-like sport.

We have more information about Mario Strikers: Battle League below:

Mario Strikers Battle League icons Nintendo Switch Online

Mario Strikers: Battle League user icons are on the way to Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo has announced.

Designs will be available starting today. There’ll be four waves in total, with new waves coming on a weekly basis. The Mario Strikers: Battle League icons will then expire entirely on July 7, 2022.

Mario Strikers: Battle League drawstring bag

Mario Strikers: Battle League is almost here, and My Nintendo is celebrating by offering a new drawstring bag based on the game. The reward is now available in North America.

The bag measures 15″ x 18″. Read Nintendo’s description of it below.

Mario Strikers: Battle League frame rate resolution

Digital Foundry published a new technical analysis for Mario Strikers: Battle League today, delving into details like frame rate and resolution. The outlet was able to go hands-on ahead of the launch later this week.

Here’s the full roundup of tidbits:

Mario Strikers: Battle League reviews

Reviews for Mario Strikers: Battle League are now starting to come in ahead of the game’s launch in just a couple of days.

The action sports title continues the legacy of the series that started out on the GameCube and then saw a second entry on Wii. Mario Strikers: Battle League contains the core essence the series is known for with 5-on-5, soccer-like gameplay. This time around, players can customize character gear that change their appearance and attributes. Additionally, with the Strikers Club, you can band together with up to 20 strikers online and compete against other clubs for points.

mario strikers battle league online cm

Nintendo has readied another Mario Strikers: Battle League commercial to promote the game’s support of online play. You can battle up to eight others online, including with two on the same system.

We’ve got more on Mario Strikers: Battle League below.

mario strikers battle league post launch updates free characters

Nintendo has confirmed that Mario Strikers: Battle League will be receiving new updates after launch. As part of this, fans can look forward to additional characters. Specifics haven’t been shared just yet though, but we know that the updates will be entirely free.

Providing updates after release is a familiar move for Nintendo, especially when it comes to sports games on Switch. With Mario Tennis Aces for example, the game added Koopa Troopa, Blooper, Diddy Kong, Birdo, Shy Guy, Petey Piranha, Luma, Boom Boom, Pauline, Kamek, Dry Bones, Fire Piranha Plant, and Dry Bowser after launch. Meanwhile, we saw Toadette, Ninji, Koopa Troopa, Wiggler, and Shy Guy in Mario Golf: Super Rush after release.

Mario Strikers: Battle League First Kick demo

Nintendo has announced Mario Strikers: Battle League First Kick, a new demo for the upcoming sports arcade title. With it, fans will be able to try the game before launch.

A Nintendo Switch Online membership is needed to play. During certain online periods, it’ll be possible to experience Versus Everyone or Join Friends. Training mode can be accessed starting today.

mario strikers battle league gameplay opening movie

A bunch of videos have surfaced for Mario Strikers: Battle League, including the game’s opening movie, new trailer, and gameplay. We also have the latest Japanese commercial.

Get caught up on Mario Strikers: Battle League with the overview below:

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