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Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports golf release date

The next update for Nintendo Switch Sports will go live next week and will add golf as a new sport, Nintendo has announced. All players will have access starting November 28, 2022.

Golf will feature 21 holes from the Wii Sports series. Local play is supported, and up to eight players can battle in the Survival Golf mode – whoever takes the most strokes each round is out.

Nintendo Switch Sports update 1.2.3

The second Nintendo Switch Sports update of the week has now gone live, and distribution of version 1.2.3 has started.

For those that aren’t keeping up with the situation, Nintendo’s patches this week are intended to address issues that started with version 1.2.1. With that update, cheaters were primarily being targeted. However, some players ended up encountering crashing issues once version 1.2.1 was installed. Due to the problems, online servers were even taken offline for a few days.

The official patch notes for the Nintendo Switch Sports version 1.2.3 update are as follows:

Nintendo Switch Sports update 1.2.2

The latest Nintendo Switch Sports update has gone live, with players now having access to version 1.2.2. The patch notes have also been shared, though they’re about what we expected.

As previously mentioned, Nintendo issued today’s update in order to address an issue that started last week with the last version of Switch Sports. After installing version 1.2.1, some players were encountering crashes in both online and local multiplayer matches. Nintendo went as far as to temporarily take down the online servers and stop distribution of the previous update. Another patch is following later in the week to ensure that the problems have been addressed for all players.

Below are the official patch notes for the Nintendo Switch Sports version 1.2.2 update:

Switch Sports crashes 1.2.1 pulled

Nintendo Switch Sports version 1.2.1 released this week, but it’s no longer available for download.

Soon after distribution of the patch started, some players encountered an error that causes the game to crash while a match was being loaded. This not only impacted online play, but offline modes as well.

Nintendo Switch Sports update 1.2.1

Nintendo Switch Sports has received a new update, and version 1.2.1 is now accessible. This follows version 1.2.0 which dropped at the end of July.

It seems that Nintendo is taking a stronger stance against cheaters and those who are performing actions that the company doesn’t approve of. This was one of the points mentioned in the patch notes. According to Nintendo, it will suspend online play “for violators of Nintendo’s Community Guidelines, including if we detect fraudulent behavior such as save data manipulation.”

The patch notes for the Nintendo Switch Sports version 1.2.1 update are as follows:

During today’s Nintendo Direct, details were shared about the next major update for Nintendo Switch Sports, which is highlighted by the addition of golf. All players can access it starting this holiday.

Golf will include 21 holes from the Wii Sports series. Players can go up against friends in local play or with up to eight players in the new online Survival Mode. Whoever takes the most strokes each round is out.

Nintendo Switch Sports update 1.2.0

A new 1.2.0 update has just gone out for Nintendo Switch Sports.

This patch is something we heard about last week. It adds a few new elements such as Leg Strap functionality in soccer and new moves for volleyball. Additionally, it looks like the way in which pins fall have been adjusted in bowling.

The full patch notes for the Nintendo Switch Sports version 1.2.0 update are as follows: 

Nintendo Switch Sports summer update

Nintendo will be releasing the summer update for Nintendo Switch Sports on July 26, 2022, the company has confirmed.

The patch is something that the Big N has touched on previously. In soccer, Leg Strap functionality will be added. It will also include new moves for volleyball, the ability to reach for higher ranks in the Pro League, and room IDs for friends.

Original: Another “Switch My Way” commercial is in, this time featuring MLB The Show 22 and Nintendo Switch Sports. As you can tell, Nintendo decided to create an advert dedicated specifically to these sports titles.

Here’s some information about both games:

Nintendo Switch Sports Spocco Square concept

Although Nintendo Switch Sports is naturally about the sports themselves, the game introduces a new setting in the form of Spocco Square. In an interview shared today, the developers explained how the setting came to be.

Interestingly, Spocco Square wasn’t the original plan. Art director Junji Morii said Nintendo considered going with “a place where intercollegiate sports are played as well as a setting that looks like an ancient Olympian stadium.” In the end though, “none of them seemed to match the feelings that players would experience playing this game.” That led to the teaming coming up with “a gym where people could drop by more casually, with a stylish facility that makes everyone want to visit.”

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