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Loop8 trailer

Thanks to XSEED and Marvelous, we have a launch trailer for Loop8: Summer of Gods. The coming-of-age RPG just landed today.

More information about it can be found in the following overview:

Rune Factory 6

Today, Marvelous officially announced the next proper mainline entry in the Rune Factory series – which is appropriately titled Rune Factory 6.

Rune Factory 6 is set on the western continent of Adonea. Outside of that, Marvelous is keeping quiet on the rest of the details.

Daemon X Machina Titanic Scion

During its showcase event today, Marvelous announced Daemon X Machina: Titanic Scion.

Little was shown outside of a brief CG trailer. Platforms haven’t been confirmed either, but considering the first entry started off as a Switch exclusive just a few years ago, it’d be a surprise if Nintendo’s console is left out of the fun when it’s ready to launch.

Rune Factory Project Dragon

Marvelous has announced a new Rune Factory game titled Rune Factory: Project Dragon.

Rune Factory: Project Dragon is a spinoff set in the eastern lands. The game features a Japanese-style aesthetic new to the series. Players can expect an experience unique from the main series while expanding upon familiar elements like day-to-day life, adventuring, and romantic pursuits.

During the Marvelous Games Showcase 2023, new entries in the Story of Seasons series were announced.

The first one is traditional with players will be taking care of animals, growing crops, and sharing fruits of your labor with their neighbors while living a wholesome life. Also teased is that the title will be preserving the series’ elements while making “an entertaining farming experience that will reach more players than ever before.” The team at Marvelous is working hard on the game’s visual presentation.

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Marvelous Game Showcase 2023

A new Marvelous Game Showcase 2023 will air tomorrow, May 25, it’s been announced. The event goes live at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET / 11 PM in the UK / 12 AM in Europe.

The Marvelous Game Showcase will reveal “new titles in active development” – and this includes “early first looks.” As for the announcements, fans can look forward to “new entries for popular, long-running franchises as well as all-new titles, with members from the respective development teams joining to share their thoughts on these works in progress.”

Loop8 locales

Loop8: Summer of Gods received a new trailer today that introduces some of the areas players will explore. The video is set to “Love’s Sweet Sorrow”, a track from the game’s soundtrack by composer Noriyuki Iwadare.

For a refresher on the title, read the following overview:

Rune Factory 3 Special Golden Memories Edition

Original (3/31): XSEED Games today revealed the special Golden Memories Edition for Rune Factory 3 Special.

All copies include a custom outer box featuring an original illustration based on the game’s anime opening, the game card and case, an acrylic standee featuring protagonists from Rune Factory 3 Special, Rune Factory 4 Special, and Rune Factory 5 measuring 6” wide and 4” tall, an original soundtrack CD, a custom 5” by 8” planner containing in-game seasons in addition to a real world calendar, and an exclusive “Swimsuit Mode” DLC allowing for characters to appear in their swimsuits year-round. The whole package costs $79.99. Most major retailers should be carrying the Rune Factory 3 Special Golden Memories Edition.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Forgotten Valley

XSEED Games and Marvelous shared a new “Welcome to Forgotten Valley” trailer today for Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. The gameplay-focused video highlights each season, showcasing the various characters and activities players will encounter as the years pass in game. Seasons have different events and activities, from tending crops to riding horses, from attending town festivals to fostering budding friendships and romances.

Here’s some information about the game:

Touhou: New World

Touhou: New World, otherwise known as Touhou Shinsekai, has now been announced for English release in the west. XSEED is officially committing to a summer release window, though a trailer that came out today specifically mentions July 13.

Touhou: New World was previously announced in February. However, that announcement was only for Japan.

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