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Medabots 9

Medabots 9 footage

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Medabots Girl Mission was announced this week and is already confirmed for its Japanese launch in March. Meanwhile, Medabots 9 just came out last month. You can get an extensive look at the game below.

Medabots 9 commercial

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Rocket Company recently shared a new commercial for Medabots 9. Give it a look below.

New Medabots 9 trailer

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A new trailer for Medabots 9 has come online, showing gameplay and more. We’ve posted it below.

Rocket Company has prepared a new story trailer for Medabots 9. Check it out below.

Rocket Company has revealed the two main Medabots in Medabots 9. The game will feature “Zipper” and “Souen”, which are the newer versions of Metabee and Rokusho.

Zipper is all about shooting, and uses a pair of Gatling guns attached to its arms. Meanwhile, Souen is a melee-type that uses a katana.


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Additional details about Medabots 9 have surfaced, which mainly give us further insight into the game’s story. Read up on the latest information courtesy of Anime News Network below.

– Takes place on an academy on an isolated island
– 290 different Medabots
– This is the most amount in the series’ history
– Robattle system has been modified
– Swap parts in the middle of combat
– Focuses on protagonist Tenma Wakakoma
– Tenma who doesn’t get along with his partner Medabot
– One day, their argument gets heated, and he walks home depressed
– He then encounters a suspicious group known as the Roborobo Team
– When he gives chase to them, he gets caught up in their fight with a mysterious Medabot
– He and the Medabot fend off the group, and an old man witnesses the entire incident
– A few days later, an envelope arrives at Tenma’s house, inviting him to Medabot Academy in a scholarship
– Tenma accepts and enrolls in the academy
– The academy itself is located on an island where the best Medabot battlers train
– It was once a large Medalia mine, now exhausted
– It now serves as an institution for the richest and most influential Medabot battlers
– Rumors still abound that a large Medalia vain remains undiscovered in the school
– Tenma embarks on a journey to uncover the academy’s secrets



Earlier today we reported on quite a bit of new material regarding Medabots 9, including a new trailer and the opening of the official website. The folks over at Siliconera have translated the character profiles found on the website. Here’s some insight into a couple of the main characters:


Tenma Wakakoma

Tenma the protagonist isn’t too audacious, and he isn’t that experienced when it comes to Medabots, but he gets enrolled into an elite academy, where he finds some unwanted attention. It doesn’t take long for people to notice his abilities, and he joins an “exploration club” at the school.

Kunigiku Shinozaki
Kunigiku has a bit of a lazy personality, and he considers himself a supremacist of romance… but most people don’t really know what his feelings of romance are about.

Mio Shirakabe
Mio believes that she’s the cutest girl in the world, and she’s a beautiful girl with personality problems. She only opens up to her partner Medabot.

Rocket Company has sent out official assets pertaining to Medabots 9.

First up, a teaser trailer:

The game’s website is now open as well. That can be accessed here.

Lastly, we have several screenshots and art from the game:

Medabots 9 boxart

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Amazon Japan has posted the boxarts for Medabots 9. We’ve gone ahead and attached both above.

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Famitsu put up the first screenshots from Medabots 9. Give them a look in the gallery below.