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Mega Man Legacy Collection

Capcom has confirmed that Mega Man Legacy Collection will make use of amiibo on 3DS.

In the 3DS version, there will be ten additional challenges designed by players. A contest is currently being held on Capcom-Unity here to determine which ones will make it into the final game. All of these challenges can be unlocked by using the Mega Man amiibo.

Mega Man Legacy Collection launches on 3DS in Q1 2016.

Our latest look at Mega Man Legacy Collection comes in the form of a new trailer that provides a rundown of the first six entries in the series. Take a look at the video below.

Capcom sent out another round o screenshots from Mega Man Legacy Collection today. The latest images are in the gallery below.

The team behind Mega Man Legacy Collection considered including Wily & Right’s RockBoard: That’s Paradise – a Japan-exclusive title from the Famicom days – in the digital package. That’s according to Capcom’s Rey Jiminez and Digital Eclipse’s Frank Cifaldi, who divulged the nugget of information in an interview with USgamer.

Take a look at this excerpt from the discussion:

USG: It also makes sense from a tech perspective to just go with the NES games because they’re the same hardware being reproduced. I know it’s not emulation, technically, but it’s working to the same spec. Did you consider throwing in [Japan-only Famicom game] RockBoard as a sort of bonus, given that it’s the odd one out on the same technology or platform?

Rey: The answer isn’t no. We definitely had thought about it, but there wasn’t really a way for that to fit in for us, especially since it was in Japanese, right? So…

Frank: We even looked at translating it, if I could speak to that for a second.

Rey: As close to the technological images, you could theoretically do it, but you’re starting to go away from everything we’re trying to do, which is to keep everything authentic. We couldn’t release an all-Japanese board game here in the U.S., so…

While Mega Man Legacy Collection doesn’t feature RockBoard, it still has a fair amount of content. Players can experience the first six Mega Man titles as well as a challenge mode and museum.


IGN put up a new video from Mega Man Legacy Collection today. Along with additional footage, we also are able to hear some commentary from one of the developers. Check out the video below.

IGN has more footage from More Mega Man Legacy Collection showing the new challenge mode. Check it out below.

Polygon uploaded another video from Mega Man Legacy Collection with additional footage (and an interview). Check it out below.

IGN posted another video from Mega Man Legacy Collection showing the game’s remix mode. Take a look at it below.


GameSpot has posted just over 30 minutes of footage from Mega Man Legacy Collection. You can watch it all in the video below.

Capcom has announced that Mega Man Legacy Collection is scheduled for early 2016 on 3DS. Also during this period, a physical version will be made available.

Pricing for the digital release appears to be set at $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99. The retail version will cost $29.99.

As a reminder, here’s what’s offered in Mega Man Legacy Collection:

This collection celebrates a piece of video game history by not only featuring the series’ origins with all six of the 8-bit classics, it also collects hundreds of high-resolution scans of vintage concept sketches, production art, unused Robot Master designs, a database of enemy information, a robust Challenge Mode full of remixed gameplay sections, plus a music player with all the games’ soundtracks—more than 100 songs!

Challenge Mode remixes gameplay segments from all six games, with plenty of scaling difficulty objectives for experienced players to conquer yet serves as a good starting point for new players, too. All six of the classic games will retain their retro 8-bit style with a newly added HD finish, giving all of the original sprites the crispest look fans have ever seen.

New screenshots and art from Mega Man Legacy Collection are in the gallery below.

Source: Capcom PR