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Nick Yu

Although though Mighty No. 9 has yet to launch, Comcept is already thinking about the IP’s future. That could include a sequel or even a spinoff.

Speaking with Prankster101, Comcept producer Nick Yu said that it’s only natural to think about a sequel when creating a game. And given the attention surrounding Mighty No. 9 thus far, it makes sense for the team to expand on its project.

Yu said:

“I’m calling Inafune-san here, but when a game creator makes a new game, or makes any game for example, they always think about the sequel. Always thinking about what they can do with the IP. So naturally for us, for Comcept, we are already thinking about the next step for Mighty No. 9. Whether it’s gonna be a sequel or a spinoff, we don’t know yet. But since we already have this much attention, and a decent amount of feedback from the people who play the game, there’s just no reason not for us to not expand on the title.”


Engadget recently caught up with Mighty No. 9 producer Nick Yu for an interview. Yu commented on how the game is shaping up, why it was delayed, some of the messaging to fans, and more.

You’ll find excerpts from the interview below. For the full discussion, head on over to Engadget.

Siliconera has gone live with a new Mighty No. 9 interview featuring associate producer Nick Yu. Yu talked about the 3DS version, the partnership with Deep Silver, and more.

Head past the break for excerpts from the interview. Siliconera has the full Q&A.

Always Nintendo recently caught up with Comcept producer Nick Yu and game director Koji Imaeda to talk all things Mighty No. 9. The two commented on interest in taking advantage of the two screens offered on Wii U and 3DS, DLC, sequels, working with Nintendo, and more.

Check out those interview excerpts below:

On the Wii U/3DS’ dual screens and Miiverse…

Imaeda: Compared to other systems, the 3DS or Wii U run on two screens rather than one, and that is something I’d like us to make good use of. As for Miiverse, weeeell… I haven’t thought that one through yet. I’m sure we’ll think up a few ways of linking it with the game…

Nick: The project has only just made it out of the alpha stage, so we haven’t started working on the ports to each platform yet. That’s one of the steps we’ll be looking at from here on out. If we can get support for this from Nintendo it’s not out of the question, but for now we don’t have any plans.

On DLC plans…

Imaeda: Of course! We are crafting the game with the possibility of future DLC in mind. As for the type of DLC, we’re still trying to figure that out.

Nick: The cold reality you have to face as a producer is that Kickstarted projects come with a built-in ceiling where the budget is concerned. In other words, the amount of pledges you get during the KS campaign itself is all the budget you’re going to get. We don’t have the wiggle room to make any additional content that wasn’t promised during the campaign. However, we can get that wiggle room if the game ends up being a hit, and that’ll be a whole different story…

On possible Mighty No. 9 sequels…

Imaeda: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! (laugh) First and foremost, we need to devote all of our time and energy into making the first game a success, so we don’t have the spare time to think about sequels! Although… the idea “if we do this in the first game, how about this or that for the second or third!” often comes up in discussions with the dev team. Everyone on the team definitely has what it takes, so I’d like to make sequels happen.

Nick: I’ve yet to meet a creator who doesn’t think about sequels! (laugh) Our Mighty No. 9 team is no exception. Depending on how well the game does, you might not only see sequels, but maybe spin-offs as well! Let’s do it, everyone!

On Comcept’s experience working with Nintendo…

Nick: It’s a little nerve-wrecking, but at the same time it’s quite an honor. I do think Nintendo has a knack for making hardware that offers unique ways to enjoy games. Making games for such systems is the ultimate creative challenge for creators, and a fun one at that. Given the opportunity, we’d love to make more games for them.


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