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Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launched the first part of its Expansion Pass, The Isle of Armor, last month. The Crown Tundra will arrive later this year as part of the next DLC drop.

Once players access The Crown Tundra, the games will be introducing a whole bunch of additional elements. There’ll be more Pokemon to catch and fight, new areas to explore, the Galarian Star Tournament, and more. Players can look forward to further information in the future, but we have news regarding a notable upcoming item.

A new Max Raid Battle has begun in Pokemon Sword and Shield and this one focuses on Water Pokemon. Water Pokemon have an increased chance of appearing in the Wild Area raids and a battle slot is reserved for a guaranteed shiny Wailord.

Make sure to check in game for more details as well as the original source below (from Serebii).


Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have received a new update. Just a short while ago, Nintendo started the distribution of version 1.2.1.

Below are the official patch notes:

After the latest Max Raid Battles shifted in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield yesterday, players quickly noticed a major issue. The games were calling for an item that doesn’t currently exist, resulting in game crashes. These errors could take place during encounters with the featured Steel-type and Rock-type Pokemon.

Thankfully, the situation has now been addressed. The item drop for event dens now provide Armorite Ore.

The Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield event with featured Steel-type and Rock-type Pokemon in Max Raid Battles will be live until July 31.


Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield held an event over the past few days with an opportunity to obtain a Shiny version of Zeraora. Players were tasked with defeating the Mythical Pokemon at least one million times, which was quickly reached, and the final tally was double that.

If you deposited a Pokemon in Pokemon Home or moved a Pokemon to Sword/Shield, you should be eligible. This also includes eight Armorite Ore.

Unsurprisingly, the servers for Pokemon Home are being hammered right now. Users may have issues claiming Shiny Zeraora as a result. You’ll have several days to obtain the Pokemon though, as it can be registered until July 6. Once you’ve claimed Shiny Zeraora, it can be moved over to Pokemon Sword/Shield.

A brief trailer for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield has surfaced featuring the Mythical Pokemon Zarude. The signature move Jungle Healing has been given the spotlight.

To recap, here’s how Jungle Healing works:

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are now hosting a new Max Raid Battle event. A number of Steel-type and Rock-type Pokemon are being featured, including Rhydon, Steelix, and Gigantamax Copperajah.

Unfortunately, players may want to avoid participating for the time being due to a significant issue. The raid data contains rewards for item 1604, which is thought to be the Armorite-ore variant for The Crown Tundra DLC. However, this hasn’t actually been released yet, and can crash your game.

You may encounter the error below:

My Nintendo has updated in North America with a new reward. To celebrate the launch of The Isle of Armor for the Pokemon Sword/Shield Expansion Pass, a wallpaper has been added to the site. It costs 50 Platinum Points.

You can redeem the wallpaper on My Nintendo here. It’ll be on the site through the end of 2020.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield kicked off a special promotion with Zeraora last week. The Mythical Pokemon began to appear in Max Raid Battles, and players were tasked with collectively defeating it at least one million times. That goal has now been reached, and a Shiny Zeraora will join everyone in Pokemon Home starting June 29/June 30.

Every person that participates will also receive a piece of Armorite Ore – usable in The Isle of Armor’s dojo – for every 100,000 Trainers that defeat Zeraora after the first million is reached. The Pokemon Company says the maximum number of Armorite Ore pieces that can be obtained this way is ten (achieved when two million players have defeated Zeraora).

The current amount of defeats for Zeraora currently sits at 1,435,283.


The Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield added in just over 100 returning Pokemon from previous games. Later this year, there’ll be another drop of familiar creatures. Game Freak intends to bring back even more Pokemon for the launch of The Crown Tundra this fall.

We won’t have the official lineup of returning Pokemon from the second DLC until the official release. However, based on findings from The Isle of Armor, we may have the potential list. As spotted by Twitter user abcboy101, Game Freak has apparently deleted certain entries from the Pokedex while others have been left blank (aside from Mewtwo, Mew, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, which are already available but not with Pokedex entries). The Pokemon that were deleted are rumored to be returning since something similar took place prior to the arrival of The Isle of Armor.

Here’s the list making the rounds: