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Another new update has gone live for Rocket League. Officially on Switch, it’s version 1.0.6.

Today’s patch addresses several issues with the Tournaments Update and more. Cross-platform play between Switch, Xbox One, and PC has also been re-enabled.

The full patch notes are as follows:

Rocket League

Last week, Rocket League received its major Tournaments Update. It unfortunately brought about some new issues, but Psyonix has been on the case since then. Rocket League will be getting another update very soon, though until it’s live, cross-platform play will be disabled on the platform.

Psyonix has apologized for the newest issues and will be offering players a gift to thank fans for their patience:

This weekend, several WWE-themed customization items will be available in Rocket League. 11 in total will be added to the game.

Fans can tune into WrestleMania 34 on Sunday (and keep an eye on Psyonix’s Twitter account) to receive a special code that will randomly unlock two of the items listed below. More codes and items will be added to the list throughout the year for more unlocking opportunities. Everything can be traded once acquired. 

Earlier today, a major update for Rocket League dropped on Switch. Though Psyonix did share a ton of official patch notes, players have come across something that wasn’t mentioned.

The Switch version of Rocket League how has an option to link your Nintendo Account to Twitch. The thing is, it doesn’t work as of now. You’ll be presented with an error when attempting to connect to an account. The message “Failed to Connect With Nintendo Online Service Servers” appears.

Some folks are speculating that the link could be tied to Rocket League Fan Awards, which would make sense. However, we don’t have official confirmation at present in large part because the link is broken currently. If we receive additional information, we’ll let you know. 

Thanks to Matthew M for the tip.


Rocket League

With Rocket League’s new update, players on Switch can choose between two new graphical modes. You can either opt for quality with more visual effects, or performance with a higher frame rate. See how the two compare below.

As part of today’s big Rocket League update, Psyonix introduced a new Quality Mode for Switch players. While it drops the frame rate to 30FPS, several graphics features are enabled including lens flares, light shafts, dynamic shadows, and depth of field. Check out some footage of the new mode below.

A massive patch is now live for Rocket League on Switch. As of now, players can access version 1.0.5.

Today’s update is pretty massive. Of course, the highlights include the addition of tournaments, video capture, and “Quality Mode” on Switch. You can find the lengthy list of patch notes below.

As previously mentioned, Rocket League is getting a Tournaments Update next week. Additionally, for Switch owners, the patch will add in a Video Quality graphics option so that players can choose between performance and visual fidelity.

That’s not all, as Psyonix will also be putting in another much-requested feature. When the update releases on April 3, video capture will be supported.

Here’s the full rundown of the update from Psyonix:

Next month, Rocket League will be getting its next big update. Psyonix shared new details on what’s to come with the Tournaments Update today.

Once the update drops, players will be able to create and join in-game tournaments, restrict entry into tournaments by minimum and maximum Competitive Rank, and more. The patch will also contain the following additions and improvements:

A new event is starting in Rocket League next week. On March 19, players can partake in Spring Fever.

Here’s the official overview from Psyonix:

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