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Next month, Rocket League will be getting its next big update. Psyonix shared new details on what’s to come with the Tournaments Update today.

Once the update drops, players will be able to create and join in-game tournaments, restrict entry into tournaments by minimum and maximum Competitive Rank, and more. The patch will also contain the following additions and improvements:

A new event is starting in Rocket League next week. On March 19, players can partake in Spring Fever.

Here’s the official overview from Psyonix:

A new update is out now for Rocket League on Switch. Psyonix is officially calling it version 1.42, though Switch shows it as version 1.0.4.

In any case, we have the full patch notes below. Along with the DC Super Heroes DLC, bug fixes have been implemented.

Last week, Bethesda and Panic Button dropped a new patch for Doom on Switch. Version 1.1.1 added motion aiming, improved performance, and more. Digital Foundry has now taken a new look at the title to explore the technical changes in greater detail.

In terms of resolution, there is a slight difference. Doom may have a slightly higher resolution in some areas, but the change is small enough where most players won’t be able to detect changes.

Psyonix has established a new partnership that will see the addition of WWE items in Rocket League, the studio announced today. Items will be available sometime this spring. Specifics are being kept under wraps for now, but more information will be shared in the future.

Rocket League will be playable at WrestleMania 34 in April. Other aspects of the partnership include Rocket League sponsorships at live WWE events.


Psyonix and Monstercat and working together once again on new music for Rocket League. Four playlists are planned for release this year.

The Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 1 playlist has already been featured in-game. For the Spring Feature Update, Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 2 playlist will be launching, followed by three additional playlists throughout the year. Psyonix says “all of the playlists will be shorter, EP length releases, to provide new, diverse music all year long.”

Panic Button has had a big impact on Switch. Thanks to the studio’s efforts, Doom and Rocket League have appeared on the console, with Wolfenstein II to come this year.

Adam Creighton, director of development at Panic Button, recently teased that the studio has more games in the works for Switch. Creighton told Gamasutra:

“You know that meme? With the dog? Drinking from a sprinkler? That’s me right now. And we might have some other titles for that platform, and maybe some other games for other platforms, in the works. In terms of volume, I’m in this amazing place where as a studio we get to choose how we want to grow, and with whom, and with what projects. My biggest challenge lately is not which projects do we pick to retarget to other platforms, but managing the other parts of our portfolio, picking the different projects that are exciting to different people in the studio, and being responsible about what I want to work on, versus what is best for the studio.”

Doom version 1.1.1 footage

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A couple of videos have emerged showing off Doom’s new 1.1.1 update, which was published last night. Have a look at some footage below.

New DC Comics DLC is being added to Rocket League next month, Psyonix has announced. The DC Super Heroes DLC Pack will include the ’89 Batmobile as well as the The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler.

Of course, other DLC is included as well. Here’s the full lineup of customization items:

– Aquaman — Decal (Breakout), and Player Banner
– Batman — Decal (Paladin), and Player Banner
– Cyborg — Decal (Roadhog), and Player Banner
– Flash — Speed Force Boost, Wheels, Decal (Venom), and Player Banner
– Green Arrow — Decal (Hotshot), and Player Banner
– Green Lantern — Decal (Merc), and Player Banner
– Superman — Decal (Octane), and Player Banner
– Wonder Woman — Wheels, Decal (X-Devil), and Player Banner
– DC Comics — Player Banner

The DC Super Heroes DLC Pack is due out on on March 5 for $3.99 or regional equivalent. View a trailer below.


Doom version 1.1.1 patch notes

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Last night, Bethesda and Panic Button dropped a new patch for Doom on Switch. Version 1.1.1 was notable for several reasons, including the addition of motion aiming.

Bethesda has now published the full patch notes for Doom’s new update. We have them in full below.

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