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Quantum Entanglement Entertainment

Denis Dyack has been saying that Shadow of the Eternals is still alive, and that’s proven today with a new “1942” teaser video of sorts. Not much is shown, do we are able to see “Bathory’s Castle”. View the video below.

Tumblestone boxart

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Thanks to Amazon, we have a look at the final boxart for Tumblestone. Get a look at it above.

Tumblestone is currently available on the Wii U eShop. The physical version arrives on August 30 in North America.


IGN has published a report confirming that development of Shadow of the Eternals is back on. It’s being made by Quantum Entanglement Entertainment Inc. – otherwise known as “QE2” – which was founded by Denis Dyack.

QE2 will develop video games as well as movies and television programming. Dyack is with the company as chief creative officer.

As for Shadow of the Eternals, it’s in active production. There are plans to expand the game into additional entertainment fields.

“(We’re) looking at it from a film and television side,” Dyack teased to IGN. “We’ve got more going on that we’re just not ready to talk about yet.”

Shadow of the Eternals was originally slated for Wii U. We’re hoping that’s still the case!


Shadow of the Eternals was an interesting project. It was created as a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, and even had Denis Dyack – the director of the GameCube game – on board for the new title.

Precursor Games hoped to fund Shadow of the Eternals on Kickstarter, but failed twice. That ultimately led to the studio putting its game on hold indefinitely.

It’s rather interesting then that Shadow of the Eternals has returned (potentially anyway) in an unexpected manner. IGN uploaded the trailer above to its YouTube channel a short while ago without any sort of announcement regarding the game’s return. The video also showcases “Quantum Entanglement Entertainment” as the apparent developer.

Who are these guys? A quick Google search yields no results. Is Shadow of the Eternals back in development with Quantum Entanglement Entertainment at the helm? Has Precursor morphed into this new studio? Hopefully we’ll receive some answers soon!