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Saber Interactive

NBA Playgrounds received its long-awaited update on Switch today, which adds online play and more. Have a look at some footage of the patch below.

It’s been a long time coming, but NBA Playgrounds’ big update is finally available on Switch. Saber Interactive has started distribution on version 1.1.3.

The update is highlighted by the addition of online play. On top of that, the game’s shooting system has been entirely tweaked, and 15 new players have been added.

Find the full rundown of the new update from an official Switch notice below.

It’s been a long wait for NBA Playgrounds’ first update on Switch. The game is still missing key features on Nintendo’s platform such as online play. And unfortunately, we’re still without a definitive date for the update.

Saber Interactive Matthew Karch did at least offer up some comments as to why things have taken so long. He says that online play “has been functional for weeks” and he’s “at wits end”.

As for the holdup specifically, it sounds like Nintendo guidelines are getting in the way. Karch had this to say about the situation:

Saber Interactive is still working towards NBA Playgrounds’ first big Switch update. Although it’s taking awhile, it might be worth the wait in the end.

Saber CEO Matt Karch has been interacting with fans on Facebook, and offered additional details about what the first update for NBA Playgrounds on Switch will entail. Two big things confirmed is a reduction in file size as well as an increase of resolution. Of course, online play is also coming.

Karch’s full comments on the update:

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn finally has a release window, with Saber Interactive announcing today that the game is launching this fall. Better yet, Switch owners have an opportunity to pick up a free copy if they purchase NBA Playgrounds.

Saber Interactive is putting the newly-announced offer in place as a way of showing its appreciation to the community. Anyone who buys NBA Playgrounds on Switch before the game’s online patch drops will be entitled to Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn at no extra cost. This promotion will only be available on Nintendo’s platform.

Saber CEO Matthew Karch said in a statement:

Big news was teased for the Switch version of NBA Playgrounds towards the end of last week. It was thought that the announcement would be made as early as Saturday, but nothing came in.

The official Twitter account for NBA Playgrounds has since confirmed that the “huge announcement” is planned for Thursday. A brief mentions reads:


NBA Playgrounds has been rolling out a major update on various platforms over the past few days. But on Switch, players are still waiting for an update, including access to online play.

The wait certainly isn’t any fun, though Saber Interactive will be looking to make things up to the fans. The team is currently cooking up “something big” for those who own the game on Switch, and we could be hearing about it as early as tomorrow.

Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch told one fan on Facebook:

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Snake Pass was the first Unreal Engine 4-developed game for Switch. Now the system appears to have another.

NBA Playgrounds is one of the newest eShop titles, following its release a few days ago. Interestingly enough, it was developed with Unreal Engine 4. Saber Interactive stated this explicitly in a post made on the Xbox blog.

NBA Playgrounds debuted on Switch this past Tuesday. Saber Interactive will be keeping the game fresh with consistent updates that will add new modes and players.


Saber Interactive has spoken about supporting NBA Playgrounds going forward with multiple updates. On Switch, one of the big things we’re waiting on the ability to play online – which should be coming very soon.

In an interview with Just Pause, Saber Interactive CEO Matt Karch also said that loading times are being improved. This is an issue for some on Switch, and loading takes the most time on Nintendo’s console than any other version. It should be addressed soon, as the team apparently improved the situation with the first upcoming update. Matt Karch

NBA Playgrounds is now available to download on the Switch’s eShop. Check out the launch trailer below.