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Sonic Colors Ultimate

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

SEGA has shared the latest set of screenshots for Sonic Colors: Ultimate. For the full set, continue on below.

SEGA has debuted a new Sonic Colors: Ultimate trailer to highlight the game’s updated HD visuals and new features. Have a look at the video below.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate arrives for Switch on September 7. Additional details can be found here.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate 30th Anniversary Package

SEGA looks to be going all out for the release of Sonic Colors: Ultimate in Japan. The company will be offering a 30th Anniversary Package, which will include a number of different goodies.

The Sonic Colors: Ultimate 30th Anniversary Package contains the “Life in Sonic’s World Vol.1” art book, “Life in Sonic’s World” CD, and 30th anniversary collector’s coin. Of course, you’ll be getting the game as well.

Play-Asia has import pre-orders for the Sonic Colors: Ultimate 30th Anniversary Package here.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

SEGA is gearing up for the upcoming debut of Sonic Colors: Ultimate by sharing some music. The game’s original composer, Tomoya Ohtani, created a remix version of Aquarium Park: Act 1.

Listen to the track in the video below:

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

The first pure gameplay for Sonic Colors: Ultimate has emerged. IGN has a video up for Asteroid Coaster (Act 1) while Game Informer has shown off Planet Wisp (Act 1).

Here’s the full roundup:

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Following the recent announcement of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Japanese magazine Famitsu shared an interview with a couple of key people behind the franchise. Creative officer Takashi Iizuka and creative director Kazuyuki Hoshino both chatted with the magazine.

Iizuka spoke in depth about Sonic Colors: Ultimate, discussing why the Wii game was brought back, the new Tails Save gameplay system, and more. We also get to hear a bit from Iizuka and Hoshino about the series’ 30th anniversary.

Here’s our full translation:

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is more than just a port of the Wii game. Aside from upgraded visuals, the developers are included new features as well.

We previously heard about elements like the new Rival Rush mode. This week’s Famitsu also goes over a new gameplay system: “Tails Save” (official English name TBA).

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Update (5/29): This was unavailable for a bit on Amazon, but is currently back up on Amazon. Best Buy has pre-orders here.

Update: Amazon has now started taking pre-orders here.

Original (5/27): Pre-orders have started to open for Sonic Colors: Ultimate, which was just announced earlier today. GameStop has it here.

More retailers should be opening pre-orders soon. As additional listings go live, we’ll keep you informed.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is due out for Switch on September 7.

More than a decade after Sonic Colors first appeared on Wii, the game is seeing new life on Switch as Sonic Colors: Ultimate. GameXplain has now put together a video comparing the two versions.

Here’s the full video:

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

SEGA has put out an official announcement for the just-announced Sonic Colors: Ultimate. We have confirmation on pricing, a new Rival Rush mode, and more.

Here’s the full press release:

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