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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Crimson Hexagon has shared an in-depth look at gaming buzz on social media from E3. Between June 10 and June 12 – the key days of the expo – over 4.5 million posts were made across online channels. Nintendo was one of the conversation leaders.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate apparently wasn’t the most-discussed game, but it was certainly up there. Crimson Hexagon’s data has it at #2.

Here’s a look at the most discussed games at E3 and best received titles:

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website published another small update. This one is about a new Pokeball Pokemon: Alolan Vulpix. It uses Icy Breath to freeze opponents in front of it.


Today’s update from the Super Smash Blog is a brief rundown of Daisy in Smash Bros. Ultimate. We have the full post below.

Today’s Fighter
#13ᵋ: Daisy
Her basic move set is the same as Peach’s, but this princess has her own unique personality. She’s known for being upbeat, energetic, and a bit of a tomboy.


Here’s a neat little tidbit about Sheik in Smash Bros. Ultimate. As it turns out, the design takes some inspiration from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As shown in the image above, it centers around the Stealth Armor Set from that game.


To kick off Nintendo’s Treehouse coverage, Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai stopped by to show off Smash Bros. Ultimate. There’s one comment in particular that’s been making the rounds.

Here’s what Sakurai said:

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