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The Coma: Recut

The Coma: Recut made it to Switch at the end of 2017. Its sequel, The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, is planned for a later digital release. The Coma: Double Cut includes five costume add-ons for The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, and first-print copies include the sequel’s original soundtrack CD. This combo pack arrives August 6, 2020 in Japan. You can check out an overview via Steam for each of the games below:

Merge Games previously announced that The Coma: Recut would be getting a physical version. Today, the company confirmed a release date of August 7.

A Signature Edition will be offered here as well. The outerbox will contain a region-free, boxed version of the game along with an art booklet and soundtrack.

Source: Merge Games PR

Merge Games has officially announced that it has signed with Digerati to bring out a retail version of the survival-horror game The Coma: Recut on Switch. Though it’s already out on the eShop, a physical release is set for May.

Here’s a rundown of The Coma: Recut for those who haven’t played the title previously:

Merge Games is taking two more of its Switch titles to retail. According to Amazon UK listings, Slain: Back From Hell and The Coma: Recut are getting physical versions.

Both games are listed for May 17. Additionally, they’ll cost £24.99 each.

You can pre-order Slain: Back From Hell here. The Coma: Recut can also be reserved here.

Thanks to Carsten for the tip.

Tomorrow, The Coma: Recut will be available on the Switch eShop. You can take a look at the game in the video below.

Digerati is starting to put out games on Switch at a rapid pace. The company has already published Letter Quest Remastered, Bleed is scheduled for next week, and now The Coma: Recut is confirmed for the console. The European Switch eShop lists it for December 21.

The Coma: Recut is a horror adventure game. In it, you play as the student Youngho who is trapped in an altered version of his school. The game involves escaping from a psychotic killer and the school itself.

We have more information about The Coma: Recut below, along with a trailer.