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Headup Games

The sandbox racing game Fromto is coming to Switch, publisher Headup Games and developer Studio Erikson have announced. We’ll be seeing it sometime in Q2 of this year.

The idea for Fromto was originally conceived when the developer was just a young boy. The project is now being finished many years later, and the creator’s own children – the five-year-old Niki and two-year-old Joep – have been brought in to preserve the essence of the initial idea.

Publisher Headup and Retrific Game Studio have announced Colt Canyon, a 2D pixel art twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements. Players will control a cowboy / cowgirl as they attempt to save their kidnapped partner from bandits.

Here’s some additional information about the project, along with a trailer:

Windscape out on March 27

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Windscape is coming to Switch on March 27, Headup Games announced today. The title, which is an homage to The Legend of Zelda, is “a first person exploration adventure with elements of modern crafting and sandbox games, where you explore a beautifully handcrafted fantasy world, fight monsters, interact with NPCs, solve quests and puzzles.”

Here’s an overview, along with a trailer:

Dead End Job has resurfaced with a brand new “Ghoul-B-Gone” trailer. We’ve included the latest video below.

Retailer listings have revealed that Truberbrook will be receiving a physical release. Headup is publishing, though Merge Games will be distributing the retail copies.

Fortunately, the physical release won’t be limited to just one region. Amazon and GameStop confirm the news for North America while Amazon UK also has a listing. The retailers list tentative dates of March 19 and March 15.

We have the boxart for Truberbrook above.

YouTube channel Nintendo Hall provides our first footage of Super Treasure Arena, which arrives on the Switch eShop on December 24. Check out 19 minutes from the game below.

Double Cross launches January 10

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After it was just given a January release window a few days ago, a final release date for Double Cross has been announced. The action adventure title, made by Runbow developer 13AM Games, will begin distribution on the eShop starting January 10.

Here’s an overview, along with the latest trailer:

Headup Games is publishing Super Treasure Arena on Switch, the company announced today. We can expect to see it on the eShop starting December 24.

Here’s an overview:

Tied Together launch trailer

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Headup Games issued a launch trailer for Tied Together to promote today’s release on the Switch eShop. You can watch it below.

Party game Tied Together releases today, and Nintendo Hall has 15 minutes of the game in action. You can watch it below.