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Headup Games

Colt Canyon update

A new update for Colt Canyon has started distribution, with the game moving up to version

Various improvements are here based on player feedback. These include balancing tweaks, adjustments, and fixes.

The full patch notes are as follows:

Gigapocalypse trailer

Gigapocalypse has released on consoles, and a new trailer has come in to celebrate. The title finally launched this week following a two-month delay.

Learn more about Gigapocalypse in the following overview:

Aerial Knight's Never Yield physical

Today, Super Rare Games announced that it’s partnering with publisher Headup and developer Aerial_Knight on a physical release of Aerial Knight’s Never Yield for Switch.

4,000 units will be made. Each copy includes all the current content on its cart, including “Da Update”, a full-color manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and trading cards.

Aerial Knight's Never Yield Da Update 1.1.1

A new patch for Aerial Knight’s Never Yield made been made available on Switch, which is “Da Update” (version 1.1.1).

Lots of improvements are included based on feedback. The update adds new bonus levels, new music, a brand new endless mode, and the introduction of leaderboards to allow you to compete for high scores. There are also level and story updates aimed at adding refinement such as a new post-credits ending.

Red Art Games has announced its latest physical release on Switch, with the company preparing a boxed edition of Colt Canyon. 2,900 copies will be made available.

Colt Canyon, a 2D pixel art shooter, originally debuted on Switch in June 2020. Headup Games and Retrific have thus far only made the title available digitally on the eShop.


The retro-inspired side scrolling city-smasher Gigapocalypse is making its way to Switch, publisher Headup Games and developer Goody Gameworks revealed today. A release is planned for June 2, 2022.

Gigapocalypse was inspired by a number of different films and video games. The team looked at Kaiju monster movies such as Godzilla and King Kong plus gaming classics like Rampage.

A significant free update for Aerial Knight’s Never Yield, titled “Da Update”, has just been announced by Headup Games and Aerial_Knight.

The new update, will be releasing soon on all platforms and will bring “new levels, music, modes, leaderboards and more” to the game.

Here’s some additional information about Aerial Knight’s Never Yield’s “Da Update”:

Earth Atlantis physical

Following its debut on Switch just over four years ago, Earth Atlantis is getting a physical release. VGNYsoft has announced plans for boxed editions for the side-scrolling shooter.

Fans can choose between a standard edition ($34.99) or elite edition ($39.99). If you go standard, you’ll get a physical cartridge and certificate of authenticity. The elite edition has both of these as well as a 24-page booklet, metallic style cover, and it’s individually numbered.

Pixel Heroes Mega Byte & Magic gameplay

This week, publisher Headup Games and developer The Bitfather brought Pixel Heroes: Mega Byte & Magic to Switch, and we now have gameplay. A half hour of footage is now available.

Here’s some information about the game from its official eShop listing:

Pixel Heroes: Mega Byte & Magic

Publisher Headup Games and developer The Bitfather have announced that Pixel Heroes: Mega Byte & Magic, a roguelike/RPG, is coming to Switch. A release is planned for November 5.

The game “transports you back to the 80s to deliver an old-school experience that draws on elements of the RPG and roguelike genres.” It comes with 33 hero classes to unlock, with each one having their own individual skills and attributes. Also included are four unlockable campaigns that have their own final dungeon and boss. As far as weapons go, there are many procedurally generated axes, spears, spells, crossbows, and more.

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