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Tomodachi Life

USGamer spoke with “one high-level localization specialist” in light of the controversy surrounding Tomodachi Life. For those unaware, some gamers have taken dissatisfaction in the fact that the game does not support same-sex relationships.

USGamer first asked its source about how much freedom Nintendo of America has in this situation, and whether NCL would have acquiesced to NoA deciding to add in same-sex relationships.

“On the one hand, it’s tempting to say ‘yes,’ because Nintendo of America enjoys one of the healthiest relationships in the business with its parent company when it comes to localization. No one else has the leeway to make sweeping changes like this one. The US version of Animal Crossing has added Western holidays, events, and items; the main character of Rusty’s Big Deal Baseball got a complete makeover for the US version; and even Tomodachi Life already has a number of non-trivial changes to the US release, which Nintendo has boasted about elsewhere. In an industry where it can be almost impossible just to get the original developers to add proper support for plural cases, NOA was in a better position than anyone to push for same-sex relationships in the game.”

Some gamers have expressed continued dissatisfaction about the lack of same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life. As such, Nintendo issued another statement about the situation today.

The company apologized to those who are disappointed about the lack of same-sex relationships in the 3DS title. This functionality would not be possible if Nintendo were to develop a post-ship patch. If there were to be another Tomodachi entry in the future, “we will strive to design a game-play experience from the ground up that is more inclusive, and better represents all players.”

Head past the break for Nintendo’s full statement.

Nintendo of America product marketing manager Bill Trinen has issued some lengthy remarks regarding the situation surrounding gay marriage in Tomodachi Life.

You may remember reports that had surfaced from Japan about players being able to partake in same-sex relationships. This resulted from two scenarios: a data leak and players dressing up their Mii characters as males even though their gender was female.

The former scenario was caused by a free tool on the 3DS eShop which allows players to transfer Mii characters from the original DS game. Nintendo eventually patched the bug, though it’s obviously still possible “to create a male version of a Mii character and assign their gender as female.”

Trinen says that there have been some misconceptions in the west, but in Japan, there was no confusion. He also mentioned that Nintendo must “try to find what’s the best way to create this experience and really have a fun and entertaining experience.”

You can find all of Trinen’s comments below.

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