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Tomodachi Life

Coming from an official PR email, Nintendo have announced that with every purchase of Tomodachi Life, players will also be given 2 download codes of Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version. This lite version of the game can be gifted to other systems and will allow players to create up to 3 Mii characters with the personality traits and voices that will be used in game. Miis will also have access to an island exclusive to the demo that upon completion will unlock 1 of 8 rare panda suit items for use in the full game.

Tomodachi Life is launching on June 6th. On the same day, Nintendo will distribute a new item through SpotPass.

Players can get their hands on the item by enabling SpotPass in the “Options” menu, found at Town Hall. A notification will appear confirming its arrival. Once there, you can find it at the Import Wear shop the next time you visit.

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Nintendo has sent out codes to Club Nintendo members for a Tomodachi Life demo. If you’re a Platinum member, you may have received the email above (or could potentially be receiving it soon). Those who try out the demo can bring their progress over to the full version and will earn a free in-game bonus item.



ON THIS EPISODE: We talk all about the games we played this week, including more Mario Kart from Austin (this week? Double Dash!), some Mario 3D World and WarioWare from Jack, and not too much from Laura! We also get into a brief discussion about how Nintendo is still a little behind in many regards when it comes to their online gaming feature-set, and what we’d like to see improve.

PLUS: Our mid-segement this week hits upon Nintendo’s fairly bare-bones release calendar for Wii U as well as the token discussion of this week’s Tomodachi Life controversy. We think it’s dumb to not have same-sex marriage in the game, but a few interesting points come up that actually go against the hubbub.

AND: Listener mail has us talking about our favorite game ever (well… not Laura’s!), as well as a bit of Smash Bros and Mario Kart discussion. Plus a few other things. And lots of mis-pronouncing of words and phrases. Oh boy.

This Week’s Podcast Crew: Austin, Jack, and Laura

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