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Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life may only be a couple of days away from launching in in the West, but for those looking for some more screenshots / what the early adopters have to say, the official Miiverse is now live. It doesn’t seem overly populated now but I suspect that more posts will start flowing in as it gets closer to release.


Nintendo will be hosting something called the “Tomodachi Life Hangout” on its YouTube channel later this week. It seems as though things will be kicking off on Friday, so hit up the stream above once it’s live.

The Tomodachi Life Hangout appears to be a simple chat hosted by Nintendo of America assistant PR manager Krysta Yang, who will be joined by a few panelists to discuss the game.

Thanks to TruExtent for the tip.

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– When Tomodachi Life is on, all bets are off. You, your friends and family – alongside some of the coolest people you can imagine – can star as Mii characters in this madcap hand-held adventure launching June 6 for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. The only difference will be that now you will watch their lives unfold in sillier, entirely spontaneous and hilariously dramatic ways.

“Tomodachi” is the Japanese word for “friend.” Because your friends become the life force of Tomodachi Life, the game will become your BFF, just as it has for millions of video game fans in Japan. If you’re dreaming of hanging out with celebrities, Nintendo is providing the Mii characters of Christina Aguilera, Debby Ryan, Zendaya, Shaun White and Shaquille O’Neal in Tomodachi Life at launch on the Tomodachi Life website at

Select Club Nintendo members who have reached Platinum Status were recently provided with a Tomodachi Life demo code. Some fans were disappointed to have not received access, though you’ll be pleased to hear that a trial will be made available to all once the game is available.

Here’s what’s planned, as described by a Nintendo customer service representative:

– If you buy Tomodachi Life in North America digitally, you’ll apparently receive the download code for the “Move-In” demo (given to Club Nintendo members) and two codes for the physical version
– Transfer save data from the Move-In demo (and the Panda Suit bonus items) to the full version
– Standard demo will be available for everyone after Tomodachi Life launches

So there you have it! You should have no problem getting your hands on a demo for Tomodachi Life.

Thanks to Jordan W for the tip.


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