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Note: You can download a 60FPS version here (advised to play in Windows Media Player). VD-Dev says a gameplay demo will be available later.

IronFall’s first trailer was originally intended to go live earlier this week, but it’s been pushed back slightly. We’re now told that the video will go live this weekend.

VD-Dev is “adding some features” it wants to show gamers. The studio has also confirmed that the video will feature real-time, direct footage from the 3DS.

Despite only releasing a single off-screen image from the project thus far, VD-Dev is already turning heads with IronFall. The new 3DS eShop game, a brand new third-person shooter with Gears of War-styled gameplay, has caught the attention of many for its seemingly-impressive visuals. The attention thus far is deserved – VD-Dev is the same team which managed to bring a full open world to the DS (see C.O.P. The Recruit).

We recently caught up with VD-Dev co-founder Fernando Velez to learn more about IronFall. For our full interview, read on below.

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