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We’ve been keeping close track of IronFall Invasion since its reveal last year. The game finally resurfaced during this month’s Nintendo Direct, and VD-Dev confirmed that its debut 3DS eShop project will be launching soon.

Since IronFall Invasion is just on the horizon, we thought we’d catch up with the studio’s Fernando Velez one final time. Velez shed more light on the game’s campaign, multiplayer, and much more.

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IGN published a new article about IronFall: Invasion, and it contains a few details about the game. Find the information rounded up below.

– Has Gears of War’s sticky cover and active reload
– Enemies will pop in and out of cover while trying to flank you
– Campaign and wave-based co-op mode has only shown one enemy thus far
– It’s a rifle-wielding enemy
– Uses the New 3DS’ c-stick for aiming
– Can adjust speed settings for aiming
– Cut-scenes show two separate characters’ POVs during cutscenes on the top and bottom screens
– Flickering hallway lights affect the hero character Jim in real time
– Early in the single-player story, Jim gets too close to a bomb detonation, causing disorientation in the form of a wobbling camera and frantic blinking during his recovery
– 60 frames per second with 3D off


Back in August, IronFall developer VD-Dev mentioned that the 3DS eShop title was 90 percent complete. The studio also said that a release date would be announced in September. That sadly did not happen, and there hasn’t been a single piece of news about IronFall since.

We recently reached out to VD-Dev and can confirm that IronFall is still in development despite the lack of updates over the past few months. The team took a “small break” in September, but has since resumed work. Communication ceased because VD-Dev has been busy with improvements, and a decision was made to announce a release date when IronFall is completely finished.

VD-Dev previously stated that there were plans to bring out IronFall this year. When asked if that is still the goal, we were told that there is no set date currently.

The game is currently 95 percent complete. It’s those last few percentages that “are taking much time”. While VD-Dev could simply release the game as is, the team has “love” for the project and wants to “polish every detail”.

There’s been little news about IronFall since the game’s initial reveal last year. However, despite the silence, VD-Dev has continued to tinker away on development.

VD-Dev’s hard work sounds like it’s paying off, as the studio confirmed on Twitter that the game is 90 percent complete. It also seems that we’ll be hearing about a release date in September. One thing is for sure: IronFall will launch before the end of 2014.

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VD-Dev has been keeping quiet about IronFall over the past few months, but that should be changing within a matter of weeks. The studio confirmed to us that a gameplay video will be released before April arrives.

VD-Dev also spoke with us about the extensive work it has been implementing in IronFall’s AI system. The team restarted its code from scratch because it wasn’t satisfied with the original version.

According to VD-Dev’s Fernando Velez, as a general rule, code is redone until they are completely satisfied “no matter how long it takes”. The second version of IronFall’s code should bring “AAA AI to the 3DS”.

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