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Yoko Shimomura

Yoko Shimomura Super Mario RPG interview

Yoko Shimomura played a key role in Super Mario RPG as back in the day, she was the game’s composer. Music is one of a few reasons why the title is beloved today.

Shimomura came back for the new remake and updated the tracks for the modern era. However, players can switch to the original music if they prefer.

In a previous feature on Daion, Shimomura shared a few words about her work. She mentions feeling pressure living up to the Super Mario name while also feeling “incredibly lucky”. We also get to hear about wanting the Switch version’s music to remain faithful to the original.

Super Mario RPG composer Yoko Shimomura

Super Mario RPG is finally back after many years with a new Switch remake, and Yoko Shimomura has now confirmed her involvement. Shimomura was the original composer of the SNES RPG.

If you saw today’s trailer, you may have noticed that Super Mario RPG features updated music on Switch. Shimomura confirmed that she’s in charge of arranging all of the songs.

Mana 30th anniversary

Square Enix shared a new video today to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mana. In it, series producer producer Masaru Oyamada and Legend of Mana composer Yoko Shimomura discuss the RPG in detail.

Here’s the full video:

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