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Fire Emblem Heroes updated with its latest content today. The big addition is the tease of the Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons.

These Special Heroes will be featured in the Voting Gauntlet:

– Tiki: Dragon Scion
– Corrin: Fateful Prince
– Fae: Divine Dragon
– Ninian: Oracle of Destiny
– Tiki: Naga’s Voice
– Nowi: Eternal Youth
– Corrin: Fateful Princess
– Sophia: Nabata Phophet

The latest Pokemon GO update is now available for download. On iOS, users can nab version 1.45.1. The latest update is 0.75.1 for Android players.

Unfortunately, the update itself isn’t terribly exciting. Niantic’s lone detail about the update is that bug fixes have been implemented. That’s all, folks.

Source: iOS / Android

The next Gym Cup in Pokemon Duel has been announced. Although we don’t have a concrete date yet, we know that it’ll be a Poison Gym Cup, during which Psychic-type figures will be boosted. Also, an Alolan Raichu figure will be one of the rewards you’ll be able to get during the event.


Earlier today, there were some brief problems with Fire Emblem Heroes. The current Arena season rewards were not displayed properly and the Arena Assault mode was playable at all. These issues have now been fixed; furthermore, free orbs will be sent as an apology to all players at a later date.


Another new summoning focus has graced Fire Emblem Heroes, this time it deals with heroes with the ability Threaten Spd. This focus includes: Takumi, Shanna and Jaffar. The focus will last until October 24th, so if you’re looking to get some Threaten Spd characters now is your chance. Also there will be two weeks of Arena Assault quests for players to take on starting today.

Pokemon Shuffle update (10/03/17)

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This Pokemon Shuffle brings us a Tapu Fini stage that will cost 600 coins to play and last til October 17th. Totodile (Winking), Feraligatr, Zygarde 10% and Zygarde Complete Forme will also have stages available until October 17th as well.


Miitomo has been updated with more content. Users will find returning stages with more items.

“The show must go on! Miitomo Concert” is the returning theme. The stages provide the following:

– Acoustic guitar
– Violin
– Saxophone
– Synthesizer
– Melody tee
– Orchestra jacket
– Orchestra shorts
– Rhytmic tights
– Mic-hood
– Mic-drop costume
– Piano keys tee
– Bell one piece

The returning stage will be available until October 5 at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET.

Last year, Niantic ran a five-day Pokémon GO Halloween event in which 1.3 billion Ghost type Pokémon were caught. The success of the event propelled the game back to the top of the charts and was the iPhone’s highest-grossing title in the United States.

In an official statement, the Pokémon company has confirmed there will be another Halloween promotion this year:

Ghostly Goodies in Pokémon GO

The Halloween season is a special time in Pokémon GO. Plenty of good stuff is coming to the game later this October, and we can’t wait to get out and about to see what sort of excitement we can scare up while catching new Pokémon to fill out our Pokédex.

Stay tuned for more details about Pokémon GO’s Halloween event coming soon!


Super Mario Run is giving out two additional Toad rally tickets to celebrate remix 10. All you need to do is login into Super Mario Run to receive your bonus, this will be available until October 9th.

Both Pokemon Duel and Pokemon Shuffle mobile app have received updates that are simply listed as fixing bugs. You are able to download them right now.

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