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Pikmin Bloom has received a new update, bringing the game to version 57.0.

The update adds the ability to share Mii Avatar photos, expands notification badge functionality and improves the design of event tasks.

Here are the full patch notes for the update:

Niantic today announced a Pokemon GO Greedy Gluttons event which will include the debut of Guzzlord (as well as Shiny Munchlax). It’ll be held between Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at 10 AM local time to Thursday, November 17, 2022, at 8 PM local time.

Here’s the full rundown on Greedy Gluttons:

Mario Kart Tour update 3.1.0

The latest Mario Kart Tour update has started distribution, with Nintendo going live with version 3.1.0.

Adjustments have been implemented in various areas, including Battles which now shows the number of players remaining and number of balloons popped. Several issues have also been addressed.

The full patch notes for the Mario Kart Tour version 3.1.0 update are as follows:

Some new events have gone live in Pokemon Masters EX. Continuing the theme of Unova-related events, a new story event centered around N, Hilda, and Hilbert and a Hugh Spotlight Scout have both been made available, as well as the Sinnoh variation of the Champion Stadium and a new Training Area Rally.

Here are the details on these events:

Fire Emblem Heroes Wyvern Ninja

Fire Emblem Heroes has unveiled its latest summoning event known as Wyvern Ninja. This will kick off at the beginning of next week and will also bring about a new Paralogue Story.

The lineup will feature Camilla: Midnight Doom (voiced by Misty Lee, art by Sencha), Cherche: Shaded by Wings (voiced by Amanda Miller, art by kaya8), Heath: Wyvern Ninja (voiced by Nathaniel Lane, art by motsutsu), and Laegjarn: Flame and Frost as a duo (voiced by Abby Trott + Heather Hogan, art by cuboon). Camilla has the learnable skills Flowery Scroll, Glimmer, Close Salvo, Seal Res 4, and Atk/Res Hold. Cherche can use Wyvern Ono, Ignis, A/D Near Trace 3, and Atk/Def Hold. The skills for Heath are Wyvern Yumi+, Bonfire, Atk/Def Catch 3, and Pulse Smoke 3. Finally, the lineup for Laegjarn is Flamefrost Bow, Moonbow, Atk/Res Catch 4, Seal Def 4, and Atk Smoke 4.

Pokemon leak number 1080

Pokemon GO dataminers have uncovered what appears to be a brand new Pokemon. The creature has never been seen before, and there’s been no word on it officially thus far from The Pokemon Company.

Twitter account poke_miners came through with the news today. According to the fan page, the Pokemon was added with a file named “pmMystery”. It’s referred to as pm1080, which is assumed to be Pokemon number 1080. Right now it only has associated 3D assets, so there’s nothing in 2D form yet.

We know that unannounced information can be sensitive to some fans, so we’ve included the picture and tweet after the break.

A new update for Fire Emblem Heroes has been announced, with the game’s 6.11.0 update set to arrive early next week.

The most notable additions are that the Legendary and Mythic Heroes Eliwood: Blazing Knight and Yune: Chaos Goddess will be receiving new skills to increase their viability. Additionally, you can expect the usual set of content additions, such as new Memento Events, an update to the lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals, new weapon skills and weapons to refine, some changes made to Summoner Duels and Aether Raids, and a couple of new characters being added to to the Heroic Grails summon pools.

The full patch notes for the update are as follows:

Pokemon Masters EX has just experienced a hefty drop of content, including a new Chapter in the Main Story Villain Arc, a new Villain Event, and two new Scout events. These additions are all based on the Unova region, with a particular emphasis on the region’s first protagonists, Hilda and Hilbert, as well as its main villain, Ghetsis.

Here is a trailer showcasing some of this new content:

Fire Emblem Heroes Arval: Cycle Keeper

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed Arval: Cycle Keeper as its latest Mythic Hero. As part of the same event, players will be able to summon previously released 5-star Mythic, Legendary, and New Heroes.

Arval: Cycle Keeper is voiced by Melissa Hutchison and has art from nijimaarc. Learnable skills include Rite of Souls, Glacies, Duality, Atk/Res Tempo 3, and Atk/Res Oath 4.

Mario Kart Tour has shown off the next Tour coming to the game, that being the Autumn Tour which will put a focus North American city tracks.

Asides from the usual new driver and kart elements, the highlights of this Tour will be a new variant of the Vancouver Velocity track and a battle course based on the New York Minute track. A new Mii Racing Suit will also be added to the game

Here are a couple of trailers showcasing the upcoming Autumn Tour and new Mii Racing Suit:

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