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We know that Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a “Special Heroes” summoning event starting on May 21st. This summoning focus will last for a whole month, which usually means that it will feature Heroes in special themed outfits. Last year around this time, we got the Bridal Blessings summoning focus with female characters in wedding-themed outfits. It seems like we will get a similar theme this year, judging by the teaser image showing silhouettes of two of the characters that’ll be available through the focus.


A quick update on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: Stitches’ patch cookie is now available in the Fortune Cookie Shop. Eating it gets you patch-styled furniture. You can also unlock a special Scrapbook memory. The cookie will be available until July 16th.


Pokemon GO players can get their hands on the latest update for Pokemon GO. On iOS, it’s now at version 1.7.33. Android users can access version 0.103.3.

Today’s update makes it so that players can transform Rare Candy to a specific Pokemon’s Candy in bulk. And as always, there are various bug fixes and performance updates.

A new Summoning Focus is now live. It’s called “New Power” and it features 5 star versions of Corrin (Fateful Prince), Clair (Highborn Flier), and Camilla (Bewitching Beauty). This summoning focus will be available until May 27th.

The latest Fire Emblem Heroes Grand Hero Battle features Julius: Scion of Darkness. This Grand Hero Battle will be live until May 23. Check out the gameplay below:

Fire Emblem Heroes’ latest Grand Hero Battle is live. This time around, Julius: Scion of Darkness is the focus. You’ll find him waiting in Special Maps.

The latest Grand Hero Battle will be live until May 23.

Towards the end of this week, Nintendo started distributing the latest Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update. Version 1.4.2 became available, which officially implemented bug fixes.

As we tend to see though, there was more to the update than what Nintendo mentioned. Fans have picked through the latest files, and have datamined new villagers, furniture, and a whole lot more. Find the full rundown of upcoming content below.

Fire Emblem Heroes started its new Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon event with Sanctuary of Mages earlier today. Have a look at some footage below.

Fire Emblem Heroes has updated with the latest Illusory Dungeon, Sanctuary of the Mages. You have until June 11 to participate.

Up until the end date, there will also be daily quests where players can obtain different rewards each day. Beginning May 15, there will be two types of Tap Battle quests.

Moreover, starting with this event, some new updates are in place. Extra stages are available, deployed Heroes earn Hero Merit, and more.

Nintendo is back to its teasing ways once again with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Very soon, a new wave of villagers will be added to the game.

We have silhouettes for the new characters above. Can you guess who they are?


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